Jimmy Kimmel's Scathing Takedown: Calls Trump 'Big Moron,' Jolts Right-Wing Fans

Jimmy Kimmel unleashes scathing critique on recent legal changes

by Zain ul Abedin
Jimmy Kimmel's Scathing Takedown: Calls Trump 'Big Moron,' Jolts Right-Wing Fans
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In a recent tirade on his late-night show, Jimmy Kimmel criticized the Arizona Supreme Court for its endorsement of a severely restrictive abortion law, one that harks back to an era over a century and a half ago. During Tuesday's episode, Kimmel took a moment to spotlight this regression to "1864 rules," referring to the antiquated, 160-year-old legislation now guiding one of the country's most stringent abortion bans.

This stark move by Arizona's highest court could usher in criminal penalties for abortion procedures, a development made possible in part by former President Donald Trump's appointment of conservative justices to the U.S.

Supreme Court. These appointments paved the way for overturning Roe v. Wade, a decision Kimmel highlighted with disdain. Despite these controversial changes, Kimmel observed that Trump's ardent supporters remain unflinchingly loyal, failing to voice any criticism of the former president.

Eclipse Folly Spotlighted

Kimmel's commentary didn't stop at legal criticisms. He also delved into the peculiar idolization of Trump by his followers, specifically over an incident involving Trump and an eclipse. The late-night host aired a segment from Newsmax's eclipse coverage, where Trump was commended for his 2017 act of looking directly at the solar eclipse without protective eyewear.

This act was bizarrely celebrated by the right-wing network with the caption: "DONALD TRUMP HANDLED THE ECLIPSE WITH STYLE." Mocking this adulation, Kimmel expressed disbelief at the network's spin, sarcastically questioning how "handling the eclipse with style" could possibly be seen as a prudent or admirable act.

"That big moron is lucky he isn't blind right now," Kimmel quipped, poking fun at the former president's reckless disregard for safety advice during the celestial event. Through his pointed critique, Jimmy Kimmel not only challenged the recent judicial decision out of Arizona but also spotlighted the broader issue of uncritical loyalty among Trump's base, using humor to underscore the absurdity of such unwavering support.