Attorney for NYC Mayor Eric Adams Seeks Dismissal of Assault Lawsuit

NYC faces legal drama with mayor's assault lawsuit

by Zain ul Abedin
Attorney for NYC Mayor Eric Adams Seeks Dismissal of Assault Lawsuit
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In a recent court filing, Alex Spiro, the defense attorney for New York City Mayor Eric Adams, labeled the s-xual assault lawsuit against Adams as "completely baseless," calling for its immediate dismissal. Spiro, renowned for his legal acumen, is collaborating with the city's Law Department to advocate for the mayor, entitled to complimentary legal aid due to his status as a former NYPD captain when the alleged incidents occurred.

The legal proceedings took a significant step forward on Tuesday when Spiro responded to allegations made by Lorna Beach-Mathura. Beach-Mathura alleges that during their tenure at the Transit Bureau in the early 1990s, Adams engaged in s-xual harassment by coercing her into a secluded location, where he then demanded oral s-x, exposed himself, and forcibly made her touch him.

The lawsuit also implicates the city and the NYPD, setting the stage for a contentious legal battle.

Adams' Legal Defense

Beach-Mathura, now residing in Florida, claims the assault took place in 1993 after she approached Adams for assistance with an employment-related issue.

Her lawsuit invokes the Adult Survivor's Act, enabling her to file claims well beyond the traditional statute of limitations. It accuses Adams of s-xual discrimination, s-xual harassment, assault, and battery. Mayor Adams has firmly denied these allegations, stating, "This did not happen.

It did not happen. I don't recall ever meeting this person in the police department." Amidst this legal turmoil, Spiro's involvement comes at a significantly reduced rate, charging $250 per hour for partners and $175 for associates, a substantial cut from his usual $2,000 hourly fee, as per city officials.

This move underscores the high-stakes nature of the case and the city's commitment to defending its mayor. The lawsuit against Mayor Adams has garnered widespread attention, spotlighting the historical allegations and the city's response.

The defense and the plaintiff eagerly anticipate their day in court, with Adams' team confident in a complete dismissal. This legal saga tests the mayor's office's resilience and reflects the broader challenges of addressing historical allegations of misconduct within public institutions.