Arnold Schwarzenegger's Chatty Pet Pig Joins Him for a 'Tuesday Morning Walk'

Arnold Schwarzenegger's recent surgery underscores his enduring resilience.

by Nouman Rasool
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Chatty Pet Pig Joins Him for a 'Tuesday Morning Walk'
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the iconic star renowned for his roles in "Terminator" and a host of other action-packed films, recently took to social media to share a glimpse of his personal life, involving a delightful morning promenade with his pet pig, Schnelly.

The 76-year-old actor and former California governor, known for his commitment to fitness and health, captioned the Instagram video posted on April 9, encouraging his followers to join him in enhancing their daily activity.

"Nothing like a Tuesday morning walk with my Schnelly!" Schwarzenegger enthused, extending an invitation to his audience to elevate their step count by a significant 1,000 steps, subscribing to his newsletter for further inspiration.

The footage captivatingly displayed Schwarzenegger and Schnelly in stride, with the pig playfully oinking in the background, capturing the hearts of viewers. Fans were quick to express their admiration, with one user highlighting Schnelly's cardio effort humorously.

The story behind Schnelly's name traces back to its German meaning, "fast," a nod to the pig's surprisingly swift agility, as reported by FOX 11 when Schwarzenegger first welcomed the pet in April 2023.

Schwarzenegger's Health Journey

Beyond his love for animals, Schwarzenegger has shared his personal health challenges, including his recent pacemaker installation to aid recovery from three prior heart surgeries.

On his Arnold's Pump Club podcast, he revealed the March 18 surgery, assuring fans of his well-being and remarkable recovery pace. Schwarzenegger's resilience shone through as he attended a significant environmental event just days post-surgery, alongside Jane Fonda, showcasing his undeterred spirit.

Acknowledging the impeccable care at the Cleveland Clinic, Schwarzenegger has faced health battles with courage, having undergone heart valve replacements in 1997, 2018, and 2020. His journey from hospital steps to longer walks embodies his dedication to recovery and fitness.

Reflecting on his path to pet ownership, Schwarzenegger credits George Clooney for inspiring his interest in pigs. While promoting "Sabotage" in 2014, he admired Clooney's companionship with his pet pig, leading him to purchase Schnelly.

Despite the humorous challenge of managing a pig that swiftly grew to 300 pounds, Schwarzenegger's story resonates with themes of resilience, health consciousness, and the joy of companionship, engaging readers with his multifaceted life beyond the silver screen.

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