President Joe Biden's College Claim Revisited

Joe Biden's recent statement sparks renewed scrutiny and debate.

by Nouman Rasool
President Joe Biden's College Claim Revisited
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In a recent statement that sparked considerable debate, President Joe Biden claimed during a campaign event in Wisconsin that he was the pioneering member of his family to pursue higher education. This assertion, made amidst discussions on canceling an estimated $138 billion in student loan debt, has reignited scrutiny over the accuracy of Biden's past claims regarding his family's educational background.

The comment made headlines, particularly because President Biden, at the age of 81, has previously acknowledged the collegiate achievements of his relatives. Notably, in a 1987 interview with the New York Times, Biden mentioned that members of his mother's family, the Finnegans, had attended college.

Additionally, a 2020 investigation revealed that Biden’s father was a student at Johns Hopkins University. Furthermore, Biden himself has boasted about his grandfather being an "All-American football player" at Santa Clara College in California, a testament to his family's history of higher education.

Biden's Educational Claim

This isn't the first time Biden's statements about his educational background have come under fire. His recent remarks in Wisconsin have led to a flurry of criticism, particularly from conservative commentators who have taken to social media platforms like X to highlight the inconsistency in his statements.

Greg Price, Communications Director for the State Freedom Caucus Network, and Tim Murtaugh, a columnist for the Washington Times, are among the critics who have pointed out the discrepancy between Biden's claim of being the first in his family to attend college and the documented educational pursuits of his relatives.

In response to the controversy, the White House issued a clarification, stating that President Biden was proud to be the first member of the Biden family to complete a college degree. This statement aims to distinguish between attending college and graduating, in an effort to contextualize the President's remarks.

As this story continues to unfold, it has attracted significant attention on digital platforms, underscoring the importance of accuracy in public statements and the complexities of familial legacies in education.

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