Marisa Abela 'Excited' for Fans to Hear Her Amy Winehouse Role in 'Back to Black

A Glimpse into Amy Winehouse's Life and Legacy Unfolds

by Zain ul Abedin
Marisa Abela 'Excited' for Fans to Hear Her Amy Winehouse Role in 'Back to Black
© Kate Green/Getty Images

Anticipation mounts as Marisa Abela takes on the iconic role of Amy Winehouse in the eagerly awaited biopic, 'Back to Black' Speaking at the film's world premiere in London on April 8, the 27-year-old actress shared her exhilaration and the surreal experience of embodying the legendary singer-songwriter for the big screen.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE, Abela expressed how transformative the role was, noting, “I'm really excited for the audience to witness my portrayal. Singing as her felt surreal, almost as if it wasn't me.

Fully immersing myself into Amy’s world was essential in bringing authenticity to every scene”. The role demanded a deep dive into Winehouse's life, who tragically passed away at 27 in 2011 due to accidental alcohol poisoning.

Abela's preparation revealed the depth of Winehouse's artistry and her unparalleled contribution to music. “Exploring her life, I was struck by her unique talent and authenticity. Amy was an extraordinary artist and poet, whose work continues to resonate with many,” Abela reflected.

Inside 'Back to Black'

The first glimpses of Abela as Winehouse were unveiled in January 2023 by director Sam Taylor-Johnson, capturing the attention of fans worldwide. The images showcased Abela donning Winehouse's signature beehive and hoop earrings, promising a portrayal rich in detail and respect for the late artist's legacy.

'Back to Black' promises to offer an intimate look at Winehouse's journey to stardom, from her beginnings in Camden to the creation of her revolutionary album 'Back to Black' The film, described as an exploration of Winehouse’s life through her perspective and inspired by her deeply personal lyrics, aims to celebrate her complex persona and the intense love story that influenced one of the most pivotal albums of the era.

Joining Abela in the cast is Jack O'Connell, portraying Winehouse's ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil, further enriching the narrative with dynamic performances. Audiences are invited to experience the world of Amy Winehouse when 'Back to Black' hits theaters on May 17, promising a cinematic tribute to a music icon whose legacy endures through her heartfelt music and poignant story.