Gypsy Rose Blanchard Seeks Divorce from Ryan Anderson

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's new beginning faces a sudden setback.

by Nouman Rasool
Gypsy Rose Blanchard Seeks Divorce from Ryan Anderson
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Of course, those fans and followers of the saga will be certain to greet what has now definitely been confirmed by court records obtained by TMZ: that Gypsy Rose Blanchard is indeed filing for divorce from Ryan Anderson. And here lay the critical twist in the latest develop of Blanchard's life; it threw new light on her personal struggles and decisions since the much-broadcast release from prison.

The petition for divorce was lodged by Blanchard herself on a Monday, signaling a proactive step from her end to sever ties with Anderson, with whom she has shared a complex and scrutinized relationship. The divorce filings do not disclose the finer detail at this juncture, but it does represent a statement of clear intent on Blanchard's part to move on from this chapter of her life.

Blanchard, who met Anderson in prison while doing pen-pal work, was married to him in July. They were an especially telling couple since this was something of a new beginning for Blanchard to get away from her past. What had become their travel from correspondents to soul mates was a romanticized, redjson tale of new beginnings that came to capture the public imagination.

Marriage Unravels Unexpectedly

However, the fairytale had a twist in the tale. Blanchard announced their separation through a private Facebook post. The announcement came just three months after Blanchard's release from the Chillicothe Correctional Center in Missouri, where she served seven years for her role in the planning of her mother, Dee Dee Blanchard's, murder—a case that has since become infamous.

Sources close to Blanchard suggest that the crux of their marital issues stemmed from escalating arguments and emotional turmoil following her release, leading Blanchard to ultimately end the marriage. In the aftermath, Blanchard has been seen reconnecting with former fiancé, Ken Urker, in New Orleans, engaging in activities that signal a journey of healing and self-discovery, though sources maintain their relationship is purely platonic at this stage.

Amidst these personal upheavals, Blanchard's life and trials continue to be of public fascination, with her story set to be further explored in the upcoming Lifetime series, "Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up." The limited series promises to take a much closer look at her post-incarceration story and give viewers an intimate look into Blanchard's quest to find normalcy and herself after years of personal turmoil.

As the Gypsy Rose Blanchard tale unfolded, both inside the courtroom and on the small screen, it cast a life marked by tragedy but also resilience.