Russell Simmons Shares Thoughts on Aoki’s Relationship With Vittorio Assaf

A Caribbean getaway captures a new romance in bloom.

by Nouman Rasool
Russell Simmons Shares Thoughts on Aoki’s Relationship With Vittorio Assaf
© Kevin Winter/Getty Images

In a recent revelation that has sparked considerable interest across the celebrity news landscape, Russell Simmons has openly shared his perspective on his daughter Aoki Lee Simmons' burgeoning relationship with renowned restaurateur Vittorio Assaf. Despite the notable age gap of 44 years between Aoki, 21, and Vittorio, 65, Simmons emphasizes a stance of support and unconditional love towards his daughter's romantic endeavors.

The music mogul, co-founder of the influential hip-hop label Def Jam Recordings, conveyed to TMZ on April 1 that while he might not fully embrace her choices, his role is to provide guidance and unwavering support. This statement comes amidst circulating photographs of the couple displaying affection during a sun-soaked getaway in St.

Barts, a favorite haunt for celebrities seeking escape.

Sun-Kissed Rendezvous

Photographs from their vacation capture moments of intimacy and relaxation, with Aoki donning a striking tribal-print bikini and Assaf, the mind behind the Serafina Restaurant Group, in casual swimwear.

Their beachside rendezvous was not just about relaxation; it was also a session of capturing memories, with Assaf seen photographing Aoki as she basked in the Caribbean sun. Aoki, who has carved her own path as a model and social media influencer, subtly acknowledged the attention their vacation has garnered.

She teased her followers with a selfie on Instagram Stories on April 5, hinting at the curiosity her recent activities have sparked among fans and followers. Despite the buzz, the couple has kept their social media interactions discreet, focusing instead on sharing their personal joys and the beauty of their surroundings without directly spotlighting their relationship.

Both Aoki and Vittorio seem to cherish the serenity and the shared moments of their tropical retreat, each using their platforms to express snippets of their happiness. Aoki's posts, adorned with candid shots and playful captions, reflect a youthful exuberance and a zest for life's simple pleasures.

Meanwhile, Vittorio's posts celebrate longstanding friendships and life's enduring bonds, sharing a dinner snapshot with a friend and reminiscing about their 25-year friendship. As Russell Simmons stands by his daughter, offering a blend of paternal advice and love, the unfolding story of Aoki and Vittorio's relationship continues to captivate.

Their connection, bridging generations and backgrounds, underscores the unpredictable nature of love and the diverse forms it can take in the spotlight of fame.