Kelce and Mahomes to Launch New Eatery

NFL Stars Venture Into Kansas City's Gastronomic Scene

by Zain ul Abedin
Kelce and Mahomes to Launch New Eatery
© Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

In the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, an exciting culinary venture is taking shape as Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes, celebrated NFL stars and three-time Super Bowl champions, announce the launch of their latest endeavor: 1587 Prime Steakhouse.

This move marks a significant transition from the gridiron to the gastronomic, demonstrating the duo's intent to blend their passion for food with their love for the city that cheers them on. 1587 Prime, named ingeniously after the combination of Kelce and Mahomes' jersey numbers, aims to redefine dining in Kansas City.

In partnership with the esteemed global hospitality group Noble 33, this steakhouse is poised to become the city's "ultimate experiential dining destination," a testament to the players' ambition to contribute something exceptional to their community.

Kelce shared with People magazine their motive behind this venture, highlighting their desire to give back to Kansas City, a city synonymous with its culinary tastes and fervent football fandom. The collaboration with Noble 33 underscores a commitment to quality and innovation, promising an experience beyond mere dining.

1587 Prime: Culinary Excellence

The anticipation for 1587 Prime's menu is high, with speculation rife about whether personal favorites of the NFL duo, such as Kelce's beloved seven-layer dip or Mahomes' famed chili, will feature.

However, expectations lean towards a selection dominated by premium cuts, luxurious lobster mac and cheese, classic French onion soup, and other steakhouse staples - curated to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Set to occupy a lavish 10,000-square-foot space, 1587 Prime will offer multiple private dining areas, an advanced kitchen setup, and an extensive wine collection, subtly honoring the pair's football achievements.

Yet, despite its upscale ambiance, Mahomes emphasized the importance of accessibility, ensuring the restaurant remains welcoming to a broad audience without compromising on the upscale experience. The announcement of 1587 Prime's spring 2025 opening has already stirred excitement among Kansas City residents and beyond.

While Kelce may not frequent the steakhouse for his pregame meals, it's anticipated to become a prime spot for celebrating victories among teammates, fans, and food enthusiasts. As Mahomes hinted at a menu that includes "a lot of great stuff" with a playful nod to his penchant for ketchup, the city eagerly awaits the unveiling of a venue that promises to blend culinary finesse with the spirited camaraderie of its beloved football stars.