Lauren Graham Shares Matthew Perry's Final Birthday Gift to Her

Lauren Graham reflects on cherished memories with Matthew Perry.

by Nouman Rasool
Lauren Graham Shares Matthew Perry's Final Birthday Gift to Her
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Lauren Graham is best known to TV viewers for the series "Gilmore Girls," and now she shared a touching last gift from Matthew Perry, who has departed at the age of only 54. News of his passing came as she was addressing a gathered crowd in Washington, D.C., during an affair to promote her book "Have I Told You This Already?" Graham told the press she was incredibly sad and in disbelief about Perry's death.

Describing Perry as a constant in her life but not romantically connected, she told that on her birthday in March 2023, Perry gave her a pickleball set, humorously telling her to "Be older." Graham said that he loved playing tennis and pickleball, and he died one of the biggest losses.

Perry's Legacy Celebrated

It was on this book tour that Graham could not help but think about the surprise runaway success of Perry's own memoir, "Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing," published just the year prior, in 2022.

Perry's frank story about his fights with addiction and then going sober got a lot of praises and was relatable. Graham highlighted Perry's dedication to helping others by sharing his experiences, viewing his literary success as a testament to his impactful legacy.

The actors' friendship, sparked on the set of the 2008 film "Birds of America," flourished over the years with Graham guest-starring in several of Perry's projects. Their connection, marked by intermittent periods of reconnection, had recently been rekindled, according to Graham.

She remembered Perry for his unparalleled humor and the joy he brought to those around him. The news of Perry's accidental drug overdose that led to his death has sent shocks in the entertainment world. His co-stars from the show "Friends" expressed the feeling of this collective tragedy in a statement, as in over the years, they have actually become a real family, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Perry's frankness regarding his own battles in the memoir gives light to his strength and true willingness to offer hope to others who might be battling the same. This loss has somehow united the friends and fans in mourning and in celebrating the life of the man who touched many with his talent, humor, and humanity.

It does remain for friends and fans that now come together in their loss—a memory of Matthew Perry through his work and words and those who knew him best.

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