SNL Skewers Kanye and Diddy in Weekend Update: ‘Ye's Holocaust Belief Stuns'

SNL Tackles Latest Celebrity Scandals in Weekend Update Segment

by Zain ul Abedin
SNL Skewers Kanye and Diddy in Weekend Update: ‘Ye's Holocaust Belief Stuns'
© Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

In a recent "Saturday Night Live Weekend Update," anchors Colin Jost and Michael Che tackled the controversies surrounding music moguls Ye (formerly Kanye West) and Sean "Diddy" Combs with their signature blend of humor and incisive commentary.

The segment unfolded against the backdrop of a week rife with legal and public relations nightmares for both stars. Jost and Che delved into the allegations against Ye, referencing a lawsuit filed by a former employee, Trevor Phillips.

Phillips' lawsuit accuses the rapper of making anti-Black, homophobic, and antisemitic remarks, including an astonishing comparison of himself to Hitler, albeit without the gas chambers. Che couldn't help but express his faux astonishment at Ye's acknowledgment of the Holocaust.

This quip was particularly poignant considering Ye's history with "SNL," which includes a controversial off-air, pro-Trump rant while donning a MAGA hat.

Diddy's Yacht Controversy

The conversation then shifted to Diddy, as Jost recalled a cringe-worthy moment from a "Live with Kelly & Mark" episode.

Originally aired in 2023, the episode featured host Kelly Ripa expressing a now-regrettable desire to party on Diddy's yacht. This mention gains a new layer of irony in light of Diddy's current legal troubles, including an investigation into alleged s-xual misconduct and a lawsuit implicating him in a s-xual assault allegedly committed by his son, Christian Combs, on a yacht Diddy had chartered.

Adding a lighter note, Jost teased Che about his supposed recent attendance at a yacht party hosted by Diddy, complete with a humorous photoshopped image of Che enjoying himself on a yacht, champagne in hand. Che's response - a playful shake of the head accompanied by a smirk - was a perfect capstone to the segment.

The episode, hosted by Kristen Wiig, marked her fifth time leading the show, ushering her into the esteemed "Five-Timer's Club" alongside SNL legends such as Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, and Martin Short. Wiig's return to the stage not only celebrated her SNL legacy but also provided a timely platform for the show's unique take on the week's most buzzworthy celebrity controversies.