Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon Join Wiig's ‘SNL' 5-Timers Club Welcome Monologue

SNL's latest episode unveils unexpected laughs and guest stars.

by Nouman Rasool
Ryan Gosling, Matt Damon Join Wiig's ‘SNL' 5-Timers Club Welcome Monologue
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In an electrifying return to "Saturday Night Live," Kristen Wiig graced the stage for her fifth hosting gig, marking her induction into the show's prestigious five-timers club. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Wiig, with her characteristic charm, shared her excitement about joining the ranks of SNL's most revered hosts.

"I am so happy to be back, and I am so excited because it is my fifth time hosting, so I am officially in the five-timers club," Wiig stated, setting the stage for an unforgettable monologue. As the "Palm Royale" star reacquainted herself with the familiar set, she took a moment to acknowledge the band, highlighting the special connection she feels with the show as a former cast member.

The monologue took an unexpected turn when Paul Rudd, clad in his five-timers club jacket, emerged from the audience, hopeful to sneak a peek at the script and join in the celebratory sketch. Wiig, however, gently let him down, indicating there wouldn't be such a segment.

Cameos and Quips

The audience's laughter continued as former writer Paula Pell made a surprise appearance, humorously comparing the distribution of the coveted jackets to "free maxi pads." The cameo appearances didn't stop there; Matt Damon also stepped in, jesting about his honorary jacket despite only hosting twice, thanks to Lorne Michaels' generous accounting.

Wiig's query to Michaels about the significance of the jacket unveiled a comedic revelation as SNL legends Fred Armisen, Jon Hamm, Will Forte, and Martin Short, none of whom had hosted five times, proudly sported their jackets.

The scene cleverly underscored the playful and unpredictable spirit of SNL, blurring the lines between tradition and the show's hallmark spontaneity. As the group serenaded Wiig, Ryan Gosling's unexpected entrance added another layer of humor.

His candid admission of not having hosted thrice, paired with Michaels' nonchalant response, perfectly encapsulated the evening's theme: the five-timers club might not be as exclusive as it seems, but it's the camaraderie and shared experiences that truly matter.

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