Derek Hough's Wife Hayley Cleared for Dance Tour Return Post-Brain Surgery

Resilience shines as Hayley Erbert's dance journey continues.

by Nouman Rasool
Derek Hough's Wife Hayley Cleared for Dance Tour Return Post-Brain Surgery
© Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert, a couple celebrated for their stunning dance routines, have shared some uplifting news. Hayley Erbert is officially set to make her triumphant return to the stage, having received medical clearance to resume touring.

The announcement came directly from the dancer herself, via her Instagram story last Friday, igniting excitement among followers with the promise of her return to performance on April 14th in Florida. The couple’s announcement was accompanied by a video on Hayley’s Instagram, showcasing her in what appears to be full rehearsal swing with their tour company, signaling not just a return, but a remarkable recovery.

Erbert, who just four months ago underwent an emergency craniectomy, reflected on her journey back to the dance floor. In her post, she expressed astonishment at her ability to dance again so soon after surgery and extended heartfelt gratitude towards the medical specialists whose expertise has facilitated her return to the stage.

Erbert's Health Scare

This update follows a concerning period for the couple and their fans, stemming from an incident where Hayley experienced disorientation and was urgently admitted to a hospital in D.C., shortly after a performance.

The event, occurring during their “Symphony of Dance” tour, cast a shadow of uncertainty over Erbert’s future in dance. Despite the challenges, recent developments suggest a significant turn for the better.

Derek Hough’s social media, which last month featured the couple in a dance studio, hinted at Erbert’s progress. Her own updates have been candid about the fluctuating nature of her recovery, acknowledging both good and bad days.

However, the prevailing narrative is one of resilience and determination, underscored by the medical team’s confidence in her readiness to return to the demanding world of dance touring. Fans and the dance community alike are eagerly anticipating Hayley Erbert’s comeback performance, marking a significant milestone in her recovery and career.