Jon Jones Allegedly Attacks Drug Tester, Issues Death Threat"

UFC Champion Faces Allegations in Disturbing Home Incident.

by Nouman Rasool
Jon Jones Allegedly Attacks Drug Tester, Issues Death Threat"
© Chris Graythen/Getty Images

In a disturbing incident that has sent shockwaves through the sports world, UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones finds himself at the center of a serious police investigation. Allegations have surfaced from a drug testing agent employed by Drug Free Sport, claiming that Jones assaulted her and issued a death threat during a routine doping test at his residence.

On April 5, a police report was filed by Crystal Martinez, the agent in question, detailing a confrontation that allegedly took place on March 30. Martinez, alongside a colleague, visited Jones' home around 4 p.m. to collect a urine sample as part of the UFC's stringent anti-doping protocol.

Initially, Jones cooperated, allowing Martinez to set up her equipment. However, the atmosphere quickly deteriorated when Jones failed to provide a urine sample and exhibited signs of agitation.

Jones' Intimidating Encounter

Martinez's account to the police describes a tense scenario where Jones, becoming increasingly irate, accused the agents of intending to sue him.

He then purportedly seized Martinez's phone and began recording the encounter, menacingly suggesting that unwelcome visitors to his home could meet a fatal end. The situation escalated as Jones, allegedly standing threateningly close to Martinez, made her fear for her safety, hindering her ability to conduct the test or call for assistance.

Despite the tension, Jones eventually complied with the test, allowing Martinez to retrieve her phone. However, the ordeal didn't end there; Martinez texted her supervisor, Pierson Laughlin, to report the threats, indicating an immediate sense of danger.

Her colleague's subsequent behavior—pale and anxious—only added to the distressing nature of their visit. Martinez's recollection of Jones possibly being under the influence of alcohol further complicates the narrative.

After filing an internal complaint, she faced hesitation from her employer and her colleague, the latter fearful of potential backlash. The pursuit of criminal charges against Jones has been initiated, with a summons issued for assault and interference with communications. This incident has placed a spotlight on the pressures and dangers faced by doping agents in the field.