Danny DeVito Eyes Batman Villain Return, Hopes for Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunion

Hollywood legends plot an electrifying return to Gotham City

by Zain ul Abedin
Danny DeVito Eyes Batman Villain Return, Hopes for Arnold Schwarzenegger Reunion
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In a captivating revelation that has stirred the hearts of Batman enthusiasts and cinephiles alike, Danny DeVito, the iconic actor who masterfully portrayed The Penguin in 1992's "Batman Returns," has expressed his keen interest in reprising his role as the notorious Gotham villain.

Not just on a solo venture, but alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, the formidable Mr. Freeze of 1997's "Batman & Robin." This intriguing possibility was shared by DeVito during an exclusive cocktail reception marking the official launch of Hulu on Disney+, celebrated on April 5.

At 79, DeVito reminisced fondly about his time presenting at the 2024 Oscars with Schwarzenegger, 76, hinting at a future collaboration that has fans buzzing with excitement. The duo, known for their memorable villainous roles in the Batman universe, alongside their real-life friendship, solidified by their work in the 1998 film "Twins," seem to be plotting a return to Gotham City that could shake the superhero world.

The prospect of DeVito and Schwarzenegger reuniting onscreen, potentially alongside Michael Keaton's Batman, brings a nostalgic yet fresh dynamic to the Batman saga. DeVito's portrayal of The Penguin, complete with a prosthetic nose and sharp teeth, and Schwarzenegger's chilling performance as Mr.

Freeze, remain etched in the memories of fans, setting the stage for an unprecedented cinematic reunion.

DeVito's Dream Duo

During the event, DeVito couldn't help but share his thoughts on this exciting idea, jesting about rallying Warner Bros' co-chair and CEO Pam Abdi and MGM chairman Mike DeLuca to bring this vision to life.

Beyond their iconic roles, DeVito shared insights into their friendship, highlighting their differences in fitness routines and dessert preferences, adding a personal touch to their professional camaraderie. Amidst these revelations, the event also spotlighted Hayley Erbert's first red carpet appearance since her emergency craniectomy four months prior.

The "So You Think You Can Dance" alum, alongside her husband Derek Hough, captivated attendees with their elegance, contributing to the evening's allure. DeVito's playful proposition has undoubtedly set the stage for discussions among fans and industry insiders, pondering the potential of a Batman film that reunites DeVito and Schwarzenegger under the dark cloak of Gotham's night.

As the film industry and its audience eagerly await further developments, the prospect of this dynamic duo's return has added a thrilling chapter to the Batman legacy.

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