Travis Kelce Remains in L.A. for 'Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?' Production

NFL Star's Hollywood Foray Beyond the Gridiron Unveiled

by Zain ul Abedin
Travis Kelce Remains in L.A. for 'Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?' Production
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Kansas City Chiefs' standout Travis Kelce is embarking on an exciting new venture as the host of the much-anticipated Prime Video reboot of the beloved game show, 'Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?' The new series, intriguingly titled 'Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity?' promises to offer a fresh spin on the original formula that captivated audiences nationwide after its debut on Fox in 2007.

This innovative twist involves pitting celebrities against the challenging questions typically posed to fifth graders, adding a layer of entertainment and appeal for a broad audience. Confirmations of Kelce's role in the reboot, as first hinted by Variety and further corroborated by PEOPLE, underline the NFL star's diversifying portfolio in the entertainment domain.

Not new to the television scene, Kelce previously showcased his hosting prowess on 'Saturday Night Live' in March 2023 and starred in the E! reality dating series 'Catching Kelce' back in 2016. Beyond hosting, Kelce has also ventured into production, notably contributing to 'My Dead Friend Zoe,' which premiered at SXSW, and the upcoming documentary 'King Pleasure,' focused on Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Kelce's L.A. Adventures

Kelce's commitment to the reboot explains his extended presence in Los Angeles, a city that has also been a backdrop for his recent outings with pop sensation Taylor Swift. The couple has been seen enjoying the city's vibrant scene amidst Kelce's off-season break and Swift's hiatus from her Eras Tour.

The NFL star even expressed his enthusiasm for potentially attending the Coachella music festival, showcasing his love for live music and hinting at a packed schedule ahead of the upcoming football season. This transition into entertainment aligns with Kelce's expressed interest in exploring opportunities within Hollywood following his eventual retirement from professional football.

His experience hosting SNL marked a pivotal moment, revealing an affinity for scripted comedy and the broader entertainment industry. As Kelce navigates this new role, his journey from the football field to the television screen continues to captivate fans, signaling an intriguing next chapter in his illustrious career.

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