Biden's $90M Haul Surpasses Trump, Bolsters Campaign Funds

Record-breaking donations boost Biden's reelection strategy

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden's $90M Haul Surpasses Trump, Bolsters Campaign Funds
© Win McNamee/Getty Images

In an impressive financial feat, President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party have surpassed former President Donald Trump's fundraising efforts, amassing over $90 million in March for Biden's reelection campaign. This significant achievement not only underscores Biden's robust financial position but also marks a new record in the Democratic Party's fundraising history.

With a formidable $192 million in cash reserves by the end of March, the Biden campaign boasts a financial standing that is unparalleled for a Democrat at this juncture of the election cycle, dwarfing Trump and the Republican Party's $93.1 million.

March witnessed an unprecedented surge in contributions from small-dollar donors to Biden's campaign, culminating in the largest monthly total to date. This surge is a testament to the campaign's expanding influence, as evidenced by the doubling of its mailing list and a remarkable increase in engagement from email and text message communications.

Not to be overlooked, significant contributions from affluent donors played a crucial role, highlighted by a notable $26 million raised at a New York City event graced by Biden alongside former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Since declaring his intent to seek reelection last April, Biden has successfully raised over $422 million. The advantage of incumbency has allowed him to focus resources on preparing for the general election, in stark contrast to Trump, who navigated a costly primary season contending with rivals such as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former U.N.

Ambassador Nikki Haley.

Biden's Campaign Momentum

In a demonstration of widespread support, March saw contributions from 704,000 donors totaling 864,000 donations. A significant boost came in the wake of Biden's State of the Union address, which alone generated $10 million.

Additionally, a grassroots contest related to the New York City fundraiser contributed $9.5 million. Julie Chavez Rodriguez, Biden's campaign manager, highlighted the strategic importance of these funds, emphasizing their role in establishing a formidable campaign infrastructure across key battleground states, expanding staff, and enhancing the campaign's media presence.

Amid Trump's legal woes, which include four criminal indictments, Biden's campaign continues to gain momentum. Trump, who initiated joint fundraising efforts with the Republican National Committee in mid-March, raised $65.6 million.

However, an upcoming event in Palm Beach, expected to bring in $43 million, suggests Trump's fundraising capabilities remain strong, now able to receive up to $814,600 per donor, a significant increase from the previous limit of $3,300 for his campaign.