‘Yellowstone' Spinoff ‘1923’ Star Cole Brings Plenty Found Dead

Tragic end to a week-long search for missing actor.

by Nouman Rasool
‘Yellowstone' Spinoff ‘1923’ Star Cole Brings Plenty Found Dead
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

In a sorrowful development from Kansas, actor Cole Brings Plenty, known for his portrayal of Pete Plenty Clouds in the critically acclaimed "Yellowstone" spinoff "1923," has been found deceased. At the age of 27, Brings Plenty's passing comes as a shock to fans and the entertainment community, particularly after he was reported missing just a week prior.

The Johnson County Sheriff's Office confirmed the discovery of his body in a secluded woodland area, sparking a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding his untimely death. Cole Brings Plenty, a talented actor with notable appearances in "Into the Wild Frontier" and "The Tall Tales of Jim Bridger," was more than just a rising star in Hollywood.

He was also a dedicated student at Haskell Indian Nations University, proudly representing the Lakota heritage through his art and activism. His work in the entertainment industry was celebrated for its authenticity and dedication to portraying Native American stories with integrity and depth.

Community Rallies for Actor

The news of Brings Plenty's disappearance had mobilized communities and fans alike, with his uncle Mo Brings Plenty, also a star on "Yellowstone," leading public appeals for assistance on social media platforms.

The family's gratitude towards the community's overwhelming support was palpable, reflecting the collective hope for a safe return that tragically was not to be. Prior to his disappearance, Brings Plenty was embroiled in a legal predicament stemming from allegations of domestic violence.

Lawrence Police Department reports detail an incident involving Brings Plenty in a domestic dispute, leading to an urgent response from law enforcement. Despite their efforts, Brings Plenty fled the scene before their arrival, with traffic camera footage later capturing his departure from Lawrence, heading south.

As the investigation into Cole Brings Plenty's death continues, many unanswered questions remain, leaving a community in mourning and a family seeking closure. His contributions to the arts and the indelible mark he left on the portrayal of Native American stories in contemporary cinema will be remembered, as the industry grapples with the loss of a young actor gone too soon.