Cheyenne Floyd Treats Daughter Ryder to Dream Paris Trip for 7th Birthday

Reality TV star Cheyenne Floyd creates magical birthday surprise

by Zain ul Abedin
Cheyenne Floyd Treats Daughter Ryder to Dream Paris Trip for 7th Birthday
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for MTV

Reality TV star Cheyenne Floyd made headlines with a heartwarming surprise for her daughter's seventh birthday. In a touching Instagram post, the 31-year-old mom shared a video capturing the moment she revealed the ultimate birthday gift to her daughter Ryder: a trip to Paris.

The video, posted on Thursday, showcased Ryder's emotional reaction as she received the unexpected news outside the airport. Dressed in a matching pajama set and pink crocs, Ryder read aloud from a birthday card before learning about her Parisian adventure.

Overwhelmed with joy, she hugged her mom tightly and shed tears of happiness. Floyd's caption expressed her excitement, revealing that Ryder had believed they were at the airport to pick up her grandmother. Little did she know, her bags were packed for a journey to the City of Light.

Floyd described the moment as fulfilling Ryder's long-awaited wish, marking her "golden birthday" as she turned seven on the seventh day of the month. This heartwarming gesture follows Floyd's recent celebration of Ryder's kindergarten graduation in June.

Sharing a family photo on Instagram, Floyd posed proudly with Ryder, her husband Zach Davis, and their son Ace. Additionally, Ryder's father, Cory Wharton, and his partner Taylor Selfridge, joined the celebration with their daughters Maya Grace and Mila Mae.

Co-Parenting Dedication

Wharton expressed his pride in Ryder's accomplishments, highlighting her transition to first grade and the positive impact she has had on his life. The blended family's joyous occasions are often shared on social media, showcasing their commitment to co-parenting despite the inevitable challenges.
In previous interviews with PEOPLE, Floyd emphasized the ups and downs of co-parenting but emphasized their shared dedication to prioritizing Ryder's well-being.

Despite disagreements, their mutual focus on Ryder has been the driving force behind their successful co-parenting journey. Floyd's heartfelt surprise for Ryder exemplifies the bond between mother and daughter, creating cherished memories for years to come.

As fans eagerly await updates on their Parisian adventure, Floyd's commitment to creating magical moments continues to inspire.