Biden Targets Trump for Palm Beach Fundraiser's Guest List

Fundraiser sparks debate over future of Social Security

by Zain ul Abedin
Biden Targets Trump for Palm Beach Fundraiser's Guest List
© Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

In a strategic move, President Joe Biden's campaign has openly criticized former President Donald Trump regarding the notable figures set to attend a high-stakes fundraising event in Palm Beach, Florida. The gathering, scheduled for this weekend and hosted by hedge fund mogul John Paulson, aims to eclipse Biden's recent $26 million New York City fundraiser with a projected $33 million haul.

This revelation was initially shared with The Hill, highlighting the Biden campaign's scrutiny of Trump's financial backers. The guest list, which reportedly includes a range of controversial billionaires, has prompted Biden's team to question Trump's allegiances should he secure a second term.

According to Sarafina Chitika, a senior spokesperson for the Biden campaign, the composition of Trump's dinner party - featuring individuals accused of tax evasion, fraudulent activities, racism, and extremism - signals the interests Trump would prioritize as president.

The statement emphasizes the notion that Trump's administration would favor the wealthy at the expense of the broader American populace, potentially leading to detrimental policies on job outsourcing, social security, healthcare, and reproductive rights.

Controversial Guest Highlights

Among the expected attendees, John Paulson stands out. Previously considered by Trump for the Treasury Secretary position, Paulson has advocated for transforming Social Security into a defined contribution plan, a stance that starkly contrasts with Biden's emphasis on protecting such programs.

Furthermore, the Biden campaign has highlighted Jeff Yass, a major TikTok investor and advocate for privatizing Social Security, and Michael Hodges, a payday lender founder who implied political donations could secure influence within Trump's administration.

The critique extends to Robert Mercer, known for his controversial views on the Civil Rights Act, and John Catsimatidis, who once made contentious comparisons involving former President Obama's tax policies. This pointed criticism from the Biden campaign underscores a broader narrative of social and economic division, juxtaposing Trump's affluent supporters with Biden's record-breaking grassroots fundraising efforts, which continue to emphasize small-dollar donations as a sign of widespread support among ordinary Americans.