'Game of Thrones' star Joseph Gatt Sues LA for $40M

Actor seeks justice in multimillion-dollar legal fight.

by Nouman Rasool
'Game of Thrones' star Joseph Gatt Sues LA for $40M
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Joseph Gatt, known for his roles in "Game of Thrones" and "Dumbo," has launched a lawsuit against Los Angeles, its police department, and several judicial figures, seeking $40 million in damages. The legal action, filed in the U.S.

District Court Central District of California, stems from Gatt's 2022 arrest over allegations of inappropriate online interactions with a minor. Gatt vehemently denies these charges, asserting that the case against him was built on false evidence and that his attempts to clear his name were met with threats.

The suit accuses former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Angela Brunson, among others, of infringing upon Gatt's Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. Specifically, Gatt's 38-page legal complaint details an arrest and subsequent actions that he describes as baseless, including unlawful detention and search and seizure, all precipitated by claims from a self-proclaimed fan.

This fan, a minor at the time, is alleged to have fabricated explicit communications between herself and Gatt, leading to his arrest and significant damage to his career. Gatt's interactions with the minor reportedly began with an innocent birthday greeting through a Cameo video message, which later escalated into a few exchanges on Instagram.

Gatt insists these interactions were completely appropriate. However, the lawsuit narrates how these were twisted into a narrative that drastically impacted his life and career, based on allegations he claims were concocted.

Joseph Gatt's Legal Battle

In his defense, Gatt highlights an investigation he initiated, which he says revealed the accusations were entirely manufactured. Despite these findings, Gatt alleges his efforts to present this evidence were blocked by the authorities, further accusing Brunson of personal bias due to their previous acquaintance and differing political views.

The actor's lawsuit not only challenges the specifics of his case but also criticizes the broader practices and policies of the LAPD and the district attorney's office, arguing they are unconstitutional. As this legal battle unfolds, Gatt seeks to reclaim his reputation and address what he sees as grave injustices not just against himself but potentially against others caught in similar circumstances.