Tyrique Hyde Sparks Feud Post-Split with Ella Thomas

Island Drama Unfolds Amidst Social Media Controversy

by Nouman Rasool
Tyrique Hyde Sparks Feud Post-Split with Ella Thomas
© Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images

Tyrique Hyde, a notable figure from Love Island's tenth season, has sparked rumors of a new feud within the Love Island community after seemingly taking a direct jab at fellow participants Whitney Adebayo, 26, and Lochan Nowacki, 25, through social media interactions.

Hyde, 24, has notably severed social media connections with the pair and raised eyebrows with his response to a celebratory post on Instagram by The Shade Borough. The post praised Adebayo and Nowacki as the last standing couple from their season, overcoming widespread skepticism regarding their relationship's longevity.

Hyde's reaction, a series of laughing emojis, has been interpreted by fans as a lack of faith in the couple's bond, stirring speculation and discussion among the show's followers. The Shade Borough's original post lauded Adebayo and Nowacki for their unexpected success, stating, "#Whitney and #Lochan from #loveisland defy the odds and public predictions as they officially become the final duo from Season 10 series, looking happier than ever and silencing skeptics who doubted their chemistry!" Hyde's ambiguous emoji response led to a mixed reception from the community, with some seeing it as a hint of behind-the-scenes drama.

Hyde's Motive Questioned

Speculation around Hyde's motivations is rife, with some fans suggesting jealousy or frustration over the popularity of his own past relationship with Ella Thomas, another Love Island co-star, which has since ended.

Meanwhile, optimistic interpretations consider the possibility of Hyde hinting at his own relationship status amidst rumors of reconciliation with Thomas. Despite the couple's third-place finish in the reality show and subsequent breakup reports, recent social media activity had fans hopeful for a reunion.

Both were seen traveling to Los Angeles, sharing eerily similar scenery on their respective social media, further fueling reconciliation rumors. However, Thomas quashed these speculations on Snapchat, stating their decision to remain apart was mutual and wishing Hyde well.

This development continues to keep Love Island fans engaged, showcasing the enduring interest in the personal lives of its stars beyond the screen.