Kim K's Exclusive AHS: Delicate 2 BTS Snaps

Kardashian Dives Deep into 'AHS's' Spine-Chilling New Season.

by Zain ul Abedin
Kim K's Exclusive AHS: Delicate 2 BTS Snaps
© Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian, the renowned entrepreneur and SKIMS founder, has once again captured the spotlight, this time venturing into the eerie corridors of American Horror Story: Delicate Part Two. Following its premiere on FX on April 3, Kardashian took to Instagram to share a glimpse behind the scenes, revealing her transformation into the enigmatic character Siobhan, a Hollywood publicist with a sinister edge.

Adorned in a Maleficent-inspired ensemble—a gothic Victorian dress paired with a dramatic black feathered headpiece—Kardashian’s look for the series, first spotted during a shoot in New York City in January, exudes a haunting allure.

This attire aligns seamlessly with the show's dark aesthetic, setting the stage for Siobhan to ominously influence her client, Anna, portrayed by Emma Roberts. The Instagram post culminated with a promotional video for the series, where Kardashian daringly invites viewers to delve into the horror, reminding them that the series is available for streaming on Hulu.

Within the latest season of the critically acclaimed series by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, Kardashian embraces her most significant scripted role to date. Siobhan's character is depicted as fiercely ambitious, willing to push boundaries to ensure Anna's rise to stardom.

Siobhan's Sinister Saga

The trailer for Part Two teases the dynamic between Siobhan and Anna, showcasing moments of intense interaction, including a near-kiss and a shocking slap, underscoring Siobhan's ruthless dedication to her client's success.

"I will not let you say another word about quitting," Siobhan firmly states, revealing the lengths she will go to protect Anna's career. Emma Roberts shared insights into the filming process during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, highlighting the contrast between the intensity seen on screen and the lighthearted reality behind the scenes.

Despite the serious on-screen dynamics, Roberts and Kardashian found humor in their interactions, particularly noting the challenges posed by Kardashian's signature glossy lips during their ki**s scene. The buzz surrounding the trailer extended beyond the show's fans, capturing the attention of Roberts' younger sister, Grace, who expressed surprise at not being informed about the kiss scene beforehand.

Roberts recounted her sister's reaction, emphasizing the uniqueness of sharing such a moment with Kardashian, a departure from the norm of her acting career. As 'AHS: Delicate Part Two' unfolds, Kim Kardashian's portrayal of Siobhan promises to be a compelling addition to the series, blending the realms of horror and celebrity in a narrative that keeps audiences captivated and eager for more.