Brooke Shields & Benjamin Bratt Shine in 'Mother of the Bride'

Netflix unveils a heartwarming tale of love and reunion.

by Nouman Rasool
Brooke Shields & Benjamin Bratt Shine in 'Mother of the Bride'
© Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

In the latest cinematic endeavor from "Mean Girls" director Mark Waters, "Mother of the Bride" brings together an ensemble cast featuring Brooke Shields and Benjamin Bratt in lead roles, alongside stars such as Miranda Cosgrove, Sean Teale, Chad Michael Murray, and Rachael Harris.

This romantic comedy unfolds against the picturesque backdrop of a destination wedding in Thailand, where Shields and Bratt's characters, Lana and Will, find themselves in an unexpected reunion. Once college sweethearts, they navigate the complexities of their past romance amidst the wedding celebrations of their children, played by Cosgrove and Teale.

Netflix has unveiled a captivating 2-minute trailer, offering audiences a glimpse into the comedic yet tender moments shared by the ensemble cast. The film's narrative centers on the duo's efforts to ensure their children's wedding day remains memorable, all the while confronting unresolved feelings and personal histories.

Director Mark Waters, renowned for his work on "Mean Girls," shared insights with PEOPLE magazine regarding his casting choices, highlighting the universal appeal of Benjamin Bratt as the male lead. Waters aimed to select an actor who resonates well with both male and female audiences, a choice that Bratt fulfills with ease.

Shields, serving as both a lead actor and producer on the project, expressed her enjoyment working alongside Bratt, noting the presence of his wife, Talisa Soto, during the filming in Thailand as a delightful addition.

Family Bonds Unveiled

Miranda Cosgrove reflected on the close-knit atmosphere fostered among the cast during their six-week shoot in Thailand, emphasizing the rapid development of strong off-screen bonds.

This sense of camaraderie, according to Shields, mirrored the intimate dynamics of theater production, enhancing the film's emotional depth. At the heart of "Mother of the Bride" lies the nuanced relationship between mother and daughter, with Waters and Cosgrove both acknowledging the emotional resonance of these familial ties.

Cosgrove, drawing from her personal relationship with her mother, found a natural connection with Shields' character, further enriching the film's emotional landscape. As "Mother of the Bride" prepares for its Netflix debut, the film promises to blend humor, romance, and heartfelt moments, poised to captivate audiences worldwide.