Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises Long-Time Girlfriend in Uncommon Remarks

Exploring the depths of a decade-long romantic partnership.

by Nouman Rasool
Arnold Schwarzenegger Praises Long-Time Girlfriend in Uncommon Remarks
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Arnold Schwarzenegger, the renowned action hero and former Governor of California, recently shared heartfelt insights into his decade-long relationship with Heather Milligan, a respected physical therapist. This rare glimpse into Schwarzenegger's personal life was revealed during his appearance on the "New Heights" podcast, hosted by NFL stars Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce, on April 3.

In the discussion, Schwarzenegger credited Milligan with deepening his understanding of football, a sport she passionately follows due to her professional connections with athletes across various sports, including football, UFC, and basketball.

"I learned the game... and then I fell in love with Heather, who is a fanatic about sports, especially football. So now, I’m sitting with her, and she’s explaining if I have any questions. It never stops," Schwarzenegger expressed, highlighting the influence of Milligan's passion for sports on their relationship.

Beyond Athletic Bonds

Schwarzenegger, 76, previously married to Maria Shriver, with whom he shares four children and two grandchildren, also has another son from a different relationship. His bond with Milligan, who founded Elite OrthoSport in Los Angeles, extends beyond their shared interest in athletics.

Milligan's commitment to her profession and her clients, including notable figures from the NFL, NBA, and UFC, mirrors the determination that Schwarzenegger admires. Beyond her professional achievements, Schwarzenegger praised Milligan's character and independence.

"I think the world of her. She’s clearly independent. She just is driven as hell," he said in a September 2023 interview with People. Their connection is strengthened by mutual respect and shared values, evident in how Schwarzenegger enjoys visiting Milligan at work and engaging with her clients.

Their love story began in 2012 following Schwarzenegger's shoulder surgery. Recommended by his surgeon, Milligan's expertise not only facilitated his recovery but also sparked a relationship that blossomed from a post-recovery lunch to a deep, committed partnership.

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