Kirsten Dunst Open to 'Bring It On' Sequel

Kirsten Dunst discusses potential return to cheerleading film franchise.

by Nouman Rasool
Kirsten Dunst Open to 'Bring It On' Sequel
© Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Hollywood is buzzing with the possibility of a sequel to the iconic 2000 cheerleading film "Bring It On," and star Kirsten Dunst has opened the door to a return, albeit with reservations. Speaking at a Los Angeles screening of her latest film "Civil War" on Tuesday night, Dunst shared her thoughts with Entertainment Tonight on reprising her role in a potential follow-up to the cult classic that has seen a wave of nostalgia-driven revivals across the industry.

Dunst, 41, an Academy Award-nominated actress, remains open to the idea, citing the current trend of bringing back beloved properties. "I mean, it depends. Everyone's bringing back their stuff, right? It's a throwback time," Dunst commented.

However, she emphasized the importance of quality, stating, "As long as it's not embarrassing," when considering her involvement in a sequel.

"Bring It On" Buzz

"Bring It On," directed by Peyton Reed, became a sleeper hit, telling the story of Torrance Shipman (played by Dunst), a high school senior and cheerleading squad captain facing challenges on her way to the national championships.

The film, celebrated for its vibrant energy and exploration of themes like competition and cultural appropriation, also starred Gabrielle Union, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford. It has since spawned a franchise that includes five direct-to-video sequels and a Halloween-themed TV installment, along with a Broadway musical adaptation.

Gabrielle Union, now 51, hinted at ongoing discussions about a sequel as early as January 2023, acknowledging the unpredictable nature of film development which can span years, if not decades. In the meantime, Dunst is gearing up for the premiere of "Civil War," a dystopian drama featuring an ensemble cast including her husband, Jesse Plemons.

The film promises a gripping narrative set in a future America teetering on the brink. The premiere coincided with Plemons' 36th birthday, which Dunst humorously apologized for, revealing their plans to celebrate amidst the event, surrounded by friends and colleagues.

As Hollywood continues to mine its past for future hits, the potential return of "Bring It On" with Dunst at the helm has fans and industry watchers intrigued, underscoring the lasting impact of the original film and the enduring appeal of its cast.