Stephen Colbert Delivers Blunt Recap of Trump's Most Notable Failures

Stephen Colbert takes aim at Trump's financial misadventures

by Zain ul Abedin
Stephen Colbert Delivers Blunt Recap of Trump's Most Notable Failures
© David Livingston/Getty Images

In a piercing segment on Tuesday's "The Late Show," Stephen Colbert didn't hold back as he laid bare the string of notable flops associated with Donald Trump, culminating in a pointed critique of Trump's latest venture, Truth Social.

Colbert's razor-sharp commentary comes as Truth Social faces a significant downturn, shedding an astonishing $4 billion in market value - a financial blunder that left even the seasoned host astounded. Colbert's astonishment was palpable as he quipped, "Wow, I am actually surprised that Truth Social had value." This remark underscored the unexpected revelation from a recent SEC filing, which painted a bleak picture of the company's financial health: a meager $4.1 million in revenue against a staggering loss of over $58 million in the previous year.

The dire financial straits of Trump's social media endeavor provided Colbert with ample ammunition for his critique.

Colbert's Sharp Critique

Drawing parallels with past business ventures that have become synonymous with failure, Colbert remarked, "Truly an historic failure." He proceeded to list a litany of Trump's previous flops, including the infamous Trump Taj Mahal, Trump Plaza Hotel, Trump Steaks, Trump Airlines, and Trump University.

In a comedic twist that added a personal touch to the professional critique, Colbert even included "Trump, comma, Eric" in his roundup of failures, suggesting that the pattern of underperformance is not limited to Trump's business ventures but extends to his personal sphere as well.

The segment, which was part of Colbert's Tuesday night monologue, resonated with viewers for its incisive humor and the sharpness of its critique. As Colbert dissected the financial turmoil engulfing Truth Social, he not only highlighted the challenges facing Trump's latest project but also provided a broader commentary on the recurrent theme of failure that has marked several of the former president's ventures.