Leading Psychologist Predicts Trump's Imminent Mental Decline

Expert sheds light on a former leader's mental state

by Zain ul Abedin
Leading Psychologist Predicts Trump's Imminent Mental Decline
© Scott Olson/Getty Images

In a landscape where resilience is often preached but seldom practiced to its fullest extent, former President Donald Trump appears to be embodying the age-old wisdom of turning adversity into opportunity. Amidst a flurry of legal challenges, which Trump vehemently criticizes as unfounded attacks against him, he ingeniously transforms each court appearance into a public relations spectacle.

His encounters with the press, although marked by repetitive rhetoric and at times, bewildering statements, continue to captivate a global audience. A recent instance outside a New York courthouse highlighted Trump's unique approach to media interaction.

Amid the political fervor of Super Tuesday and subsequent elections, Trump's critique of holding an election "in the middle of a political season" left many puzzled, prompting whispers of disbelief among seasoned reporters.

This episode is not isolated; Trump's public discourse often blurs the lines between political strategy and personal confusion, raising questions about his cognitive state. To delve deeper into these concerns, I sought insights from Dr.

John Gartner, a prominent psychologist with extensive experience, including a 28-year tenure as a psychiatry professor at Johns Hopkins Medical Center. Dr. Gartner, who has closely monitored Trump's public behavior, contributed to the critical analysis in "The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump," a collaborative work by mental health experts warning of Trump's psychological state.

Trump's Cognitive Crisis

In a revealing conversation on my podcast, "The Bill Press Pod," Dr. Gartner shared alarming observations about Trump's mental decline. Contrasting Trump's cognitive abilities with those of President Joe Biden, Gartner painted a stark picture of deterioration, starkly categorizing Trump's condition as a progressive dementing process, far removed from the natural aging observed in Biden.

This decline, according to Gartner, is not just a fading sharpness but a precipitous drop towards complete cognitive incapacity. The gravity of Gartner's prognosis cannot be understated. His prediction that Trump, if re-elected, would not withstand another term without succumbing to severe cognitive impairment underscores the urgency of addressing mental fitness in political leadership.

As debates over the mental acuity of candidates older than 75 gain traction, perhaps inspired by figures like Nikki Haley, the conversation extends beyond physical health to encompass the critical aspect of mental competency.

In an era where leadership demands not just experience but clarity of thought and decision-making capacity, the implications of Dr. Gartner's analysis resonate far beyond the political arena, challenging voters to consider the cognitive health of their leaders as a paramount concern.