Rebel Wilson's Book Released in UK with Sacha Baron Cohen Claims Omitted

Actress details troubling on-set experiences in new memoir.

by Nouman Rasool
Rebel Wilson's Book Released in UK with Sacha Baron Cohen Claims Omitted
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Rebel Wilson's recently released memoir "Rebel Rising" has sparked a flurry of attention due to its redaction of claims about actor Sacha Baron Cohen in its U.K. edition. In the memoir, Wilson recounts unsettling experiences with Cohen during the filming of their 2016 comedy, "The Brothers Grimsby." These allegations, which Cohen has vehemently denied, were conspicuously omitted from the British release, according to a statement from her U.K.

publisher HarperCollins. The publisher cited legal reasons for the redactions, which include most of one page along with smaller sections elsewhere, accompanied by an explanatory note. Wilson has taken to social media to express her gratitude towards her supporters and fellow women who have come forward with similar stories about working with Cohen.

"I'm so grateful to you and really appreciate it," Wilson shared on her Instagram story, alongside a photo from her book tour stop in Edinburgh. Her lawyer, Bryan Freedman, also issued a statement supporting these women for their courage in sharing their experiences.

On-Set Controversy Detailed

The controversy centers on Wilson's description of her interactions with Cohen on set, where she alleges that Cohen harassed her into filming vulgur scenes and made other inappropriate requests.

Wilson chose to share these experiences not with the intent to cancel Cohen, she explains, but to encourage a dialogue about workplace conduct in the entertainment industry. HarperCollins has defended its decision to edit the memoir for the U.K.

audience, emphasizing that the redacted sections are minor in the context of the broader narrative Wilson offers in her book. Meanwhile, the Australian and New Zealand editions will see even more extensive cuts, with an entire chapter titled "Sacha Baron Cohen and Other A--holes" being removed, set for release on May 8.

The legal landscape in the U.K. and Australia, which differs significantly from the U.S., has played a crucial role in how the memoir's content has been handled. A spokesperson for Cohen remarked to Fox News Digital that the redactions were a necessary response to unsubstantiated claims, which they assert are contradicted by substantial evidence including film footage and eyewitness accounts.

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