AJ McLean Picks His Top *NSYNC Hits for Tour - Includes a 'Raunchy' Favorite

AJ McLean shares tour insights and musical favorites

by Zain ul Abedin
AJ McLean Picks His Top *NSYNC Hits for Tour - Includes a 'Raunchy' Favorite
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At the vibrant iHeartRadio Music Awards this past Monday, PEOPLE had the chance to catch up with the renowned singer-songwriter AJ McLean. Amid the glitz and glamour of the event, McLean shared insights into his exciting journey on the A Legendary Night tour alongside *NSYNC's Joey Fatone.

"It's an electrifying show," McLean, 46, expressed with enthusiasm. "Though you may not see all 10 of us from our respective groups on stage, having two of us belt out each other's hits offers a unique thrill." The duo's repertoire spans a wide array of '90s hits, but McLean's preferences for *NSYNC songs to perform might surprise some fans.

Beyond expected chart-toppers, he revealed, "My favorites have evolved. Now, 'Space Cowboy' has taken the lead since we incorporated it into our performances. Yet, 'Digital Get Down' remains a beloved choice for its mature and provocative edge." Both songs, hailing from *NSYNC's hit 2000 album "No Strings Attached," showcase the band's versatility and ability to chart new musical territories, leading the album to monumental success.

McLean's Musical Wishes

McLean didn't stop there; he also lauded *NSYNC's ballads and the recent solo work of Justin Timberlake, specifically the track "Paradise" from Timberlake's album "Everything That I Thought It Was." McLean's admiration for the song was evident as he joked, "I instantly wished it was a Backstreet Boys hit." His hope for *NSYNC's future was clear: McLean desires a more extended reunion for the band, emphasizing the enduring demand and affection from their fanbase.

The awards ceremony also featured a moment of unity between McLean and *NSYNC's Lance Bass, highlighting the deep respect and camaraderie between members of the once rival groups. Reflecting on nearly three decades of success, McLean expressed pride in the lasting power of both bands, attributing their endurance to loyal fans, their passion for music, and the brotherhood formed amongst band members.

The "A Legendary Night" tour, initiated by McLean and Fatone, symbolizes this enduring legacy. Starting in March, the tour saw overwhelming demand, leading to additional dates being added. McLean invites fans to experience the joy and "organized chaos" of their shows, promising an unforgettable experience.

As the tour prepares to resume in August with new dates already nearing sell-out status, it's a testament to the undiminished appeal of these '90s icons and their ability to captivate audiences decades later.