Star-Studded Backstage Photo at Sarah Paulson's Broadway Show

Star-studded luminaries converge to support Sarah Paulson's Broadway debut

by Zain ul Abedin
Star-Studded Backstage Photo at Sarah Paulson's Broadway Show
© Charley Gallay/Getty Images

A galaxy of stars illuminated the backstage of Broadway's Belasco Theater as Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and a constellation of A-listers rallied to support their friend, Sarah Paulson, in her latest stage endeavor.

The occasion? A performance of "Appropriate," featuring Paulson alongside Corey Stoll, Ella Beatty, Natalie Gold, Michael Esper, and Graham Campbell. But it wasn't just the stellar cast that drew attention; it was the stellar audience.

Bullock, accompanied by her son Louis, Aniston, Jason Bateman with his wife Amanda Anka, Edward Norton and his wife Shauna Robertson, and Sean Hayes with his husband Scott Icenogle, all gathered to bask in the brilliance of Paulson's talent.

Icenogle, sharing a backstage snapshot on Instagram, urged followers to witness the "mesmerizingly gorgeous production" for themselves. The official Instagram page of "Appropriate" echoed the sentiment, thanking the luminaries for gracing the Belasco Theater with their presence.

Star-Studded Celebrity Support

The star sightings didn't stop at the theater doors. Bullock, Aniston, Bateman, and Robert Downey Jr. were spotted enjoying a convivial evening at Raf's restaurant. Witnesses described their camaraderie as akin to "best friends," with animated conversations punctuated by laughter and shared culinary delights.

Paulson's magnetic presence on stage has drawn a constellation of celebrity admirers, including Pedro Pascal, Bradley Cooper, Amber Tamblyn, Judith Light, Zachary Quinto, and more. Her bond with Bullock, in particular, has been forged through shared cinematic experiences in "Ocean’s 8" and "Bird Box." Bullock attested to their instant connection, describing it as a predestined rapport that transcended mere coincidence.

In a reciprocal tribute, Paulson hailed Bullock as not only a masterful performer but also a beacon of compassion and authenticity. As "Appropriate" continues to enchant audiences at the Belasco Theater, the star power of its supporters adds an extra sparkle to Paulson's already dazzling performance.

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