Michael Stuhlbarg and John Cardoza: Broadway Stars Latest NYC Crime Victims

Violence shadows Broadway amid NYC's latest crime wave.

by Zain ul Abedin
Michael Stuhlbarg and John Cardoza: Broadway Stars Latest NYC Crime Victims
© Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

In a city that never sleeps, the spotlight often shines on its glittering Broadway stages, but this Easter Sunday, it cast a shadow over a more somber narrative. Broadway talents John Cardoza, known for his role as "Younger Noah" in the musical adaptation of "The Notebook," and Michael Stuhlbarg, stepping into the limelight with the preview of "Patriots," found themselves ensnared in the web of New York City's escalating crime wave.

The incidents, separate and distinct in nature, left both actors unharmed but underscored a rising trend of high-profile crimes gripping the city. Cardoza's encounter took a terrifying turn at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Hamilton Heights, Upper Manhattan.

What began as a benign request for a dollar rapidly spiraled into a gunpoint robbery. The actor's attempt to diffuse the situation by offering to buy the assailant lunch instead of handing over cash did little to quell the tension.

Cardoza's ordeal didn't end there; the robber made several attempts to use his credit cards at local bodegas, prompting the actor to share his harrowing experience on social media, cautioning residents and shedding light on the pervasive threat lurking in their everyday haunts.

Stuhlbarg's Central Park Scare

Meanwhile, Stuhlbarg's Sunday evening near Central Park was marred by a random act of violence when he was struck by a rock. The attacker, identified as 27-year-old Xavier Israel, led Stuhlbarg on a chase that culminated in Israel's arrest by the NYPD on assault charges.

Stuhlbarg, left with a minor abrasion, opted against medical treatment, a testament to his resilience. These incidents have not deterred the actors from their commitments to the stage, with both expected to continue their performances without interruption.

However, they serve as a stark reminder of the challenges facing New York City. Despite assurances from police officials of a decline in major crimes, the reality portrayed by recent events paints a different picture, igniting debates and concerns over safety in the metropolis.