Dev Patel Suffers Hand Injury on 'Monkey Man' Set

Dev Patel's latest film showcases a tale of triumph.

by Zain ul Abedin
Dev Patel Suffers Hand Injury on 'Monkey Man' Set
© Roger Kisby/Getty Images for Universal Pictures

Dev Patel, the acclaimed actor known for his role in "Slumdog Millionaire," recently shared an intense experience on the set of his latest project, "Monkey Man," where he not only took on the roles of co-writer, director, and star but also endured a significant injury.

During a candid interview on "The Tonight Show" with Jimmy Fallon, Patel, 33, delved into the challenges he faced while bringing this ambitious film to life amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Monkey Man" has been a labor of love for Patel, demanding an extraordinary level of dedication.

"Everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong," Patel recounted, sharing a particularly harrowing incident where he broke his hand during the first action scene. Despite the excruciating pain and the potential risk to the production, Patel chose to press on, keeping the injury a secret to avoid delaying the film.

"You’ve got 450 people on an island, and if I go down, the film goes down," he explained, highlighting the immense pressure to continue filming despite his swollen hand. Navigating through stringent quarantine protocols, Patel managed to seek medical attention in Jakarta, Indonesia, where a doctor surgically inserted a screw into his hand.

The doctor's stern warning about the delicacy of his condition did little to deter Patel, who returned to set the next day, fully committed to the physically demanding role.

Monkey Man: Resilience & Revenge

Patel's resilience and dedication did not go unnoticed by his crew, who commemorated his perseverance with a unique t-shirt featuring the X-ray of his injured hand, a symbol of the challenges overcome during the film's production.

"Monkey Man" presents a gripping tale of revenge and redemption, with Patel's character, Kid, battling adversaries in an underground fight club while donning a gorilla mask. Universal Pictures describes the film as a journey of a man seeking vengeance for childhood trauma, set against a backdrop of thrilling action and emotional depth.

The film's premiere at SXSW was met with a standing ovation, a testament to the team's hard work and Patel's unwavering commitment. Reflecting on the journey, Patel expressed gratitude for the support from industry giants like Jordan Peele and the team at Universal Pictures.

"I put my everything into it, and I hope the world responds to it," Patel shared with PEOPLE, his passion for the project evident in every word. As "Monkey Man" gears up for its theatrical release on April 5, audiences are eagerly anticipating the culmination of Patel's efforts, promising a cinematic experience filled with heart, action, and a testament to the enduring spirit of creativity even in the face of adversity.