Tinashe Wins Free Rent, Reveals 'Harry Potter' House!

Pop sensation Tinashe stuns fans with exclusive Rent Free appearance.

by Zain ul Abedin
Tinashe Wins Free Rent, Reveals 'Harry Potter' House!
© Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

Tinashe, the acclaimed singer-songwriter behind hits like "2 On," recently graced the latest episode of Rent Free alongside Ankur Jain, founder, and CEO of Bilt Rewards, in an exclusive premiere. The show, which offers viewers a chance to win free rent, saw Tinashe engaging in a spirited game where she had to identify movie/book franchises, grocery store chains, and ideal date meals.

Amidst the gameplay, the 31-year-old artist tantalized fans with news of her upcoming performance at the 2024 Coachella festival, marking her inaugural full set appearance at the renowned event. While remaining tight-lipped about her stage plans, she exuded palpable excitement, promising surprises.

As the game commenced, Tinashe's first challenge involved naming captivating movie/book franchises, with Harry Potter emerging as one of her choices, given her avid fandom. Delightfully, she disclosed her preferred Hogwarts house as Ravenclaw, dismissing Gryffindor as "too basic." In a candid moment, Tinashe confessed to overlooking the cultural phenomenon of Game of Thrones, admitting she hadn't watched the series.

Moving on, she tackled the task of identifying popular grocery store chains, showcasing her LA-centric preferences despite the show's East Coast filming locale.

Tinashe's Rent-Free Revelations

The final segment tasked Tinashe with listing romantic date meals, revealing her penchant for homemade pasta dishes.

While currently single, she shared her enthusiasm for cooking breakfast, particularly eggs, if roles were reversed. Throughout the episode, viewers eagerly anticipated the outcome, hoping to be among the fortunate recipients of free rent courtesy of Tinashe's performance.

Presented by Bilt Rewards, the platform incentivizes American users with points for rent payments and local spending, enhancing financial flexibility. For fans and participants alike, Tinashe's charismatic presence and candid revelations provided an engaging glimpse into her personality beyond the stage.

As anticipation mounts for her Coachella debut and future endeavors, her impact extends beyond music, captivating audiences in unexpected arenas. Tune in to witness the full episode and discover the fortunate recipients of rent-free living, all thanks to Tinashe's spirited participation.