Spelling Navigates Life Post-McDermott Split: Day by Day

Spelling Adjusts to Single Life, McDermott Finds New Love

by Zain ul Abedin
Spelling Navigates Life Post-McDermott Split: Day by Day
© David Livingston/Getty Images

Tori Spelling, renowned for her role in "Beverly Hills, 90210," is embarking on a significant life transition after filing for divorce from Dean McDermott, marking the end of their 18-year marriage. Sources close to Spelling reveal that she is gradually adapting to her newfound status as a single mother, focusing on ensuring stability and comfort for her children amid the changes.

The divorce, filed earlier this week, cites irreconcilable differences as the primary cause of their separation, with Spelling seeking spousal support and sole physical custody of their five children—Liam Aaron, 17; Stella Doreen, 15; Hattie Margaret, 12; Finn Davey, 11; and Beau Dean, 7—while proposing joint legal custody.

The court documents, which also mention June 17, 2023, as the official date of separation, do not disclose the presence of a prenuptial agreement, indicating that the distribution of assets remains to be settled.

New Beginnings Unfold

Spelling and McDermott's love story began on the set of the TV movie "Mind Over Murder" and led to a private wedding ceremony in Fiji in May 2006.

However, in a now-deleted Instagram post from June 2023—the date listed as their separation—McDermott announced their decision to part ways, expressing sorrow over the end of their long-standing partnership and shared life raising five children.

As both Spelling and McDermott navigate their separate paths, they have also started new chapters in their personal lives. McDermott is currently involved with Lily Calo, while Spelling was seen sharing a moment with Ryan Cramer last November.

Despite their separation, McDermott has voiced his admiration for Spelling, calling her his "biggest fan" and lauding her empathetic and caring nature. As this chapter closes for Spelling and McDermott, both are taking steps towards new beginnings, with Spelling's primary focus on her children's well-being and adjusting to life's next phases with resilience and grace.