Hochul Refutes Rumors of Being Asked to Leave NYPD Officer's Wake

Amidst public scrutiny, Governor Hochul addresses wake attendance controversy.

by Zain ul Abedin
Hochul Refutes Rumors of Being Asked to Leave NYPD Officer's Wake
© Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

In a resolute response to circulating speculations, New York Governor Kathy Hochul firmly dismissed rumors suggesting she was unwelcome at the wake of a recently fallen NYPD officer. Governor Hochul clarified the situation during an Easter event on Saturday, as reported by Politico, emphasizing the respect and sensitivity her office maintains towards families in mourning.

"We always inquire if our presence is desired by the families. Should they prefer a private moment of grief without political figures, we honor that choice," Hochul articulated, highlighting the protocol followed by her team to ensure their attendance is not intrusive.

The controversy arose following Governor Hochul's attendance at the wake of NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller, who tragically lost his life in a shooting incident in Queens earlier in the week. Officer Diller's death has reignited debates over bail reform in New York, with many looking towards Hochul for decisive action.

The wake, however, took a dramatic turn when a video surfaced showing Governor Hochul in a heated exchange with an individual reported by the New York Post as being a relative of the deceased officer, identified explicitly as Diller's uncle.

Hochul's Steadfast Conviction

Despite the confrontation, Hochul remained steadfast in her conviction that attending the wake was appropriate. "My duty is to be there for those who seek my support, to listen, and to provide solace during their time of need," Hochul stated, affirming her commitment to her role as a public servant.

Additionally, Governor Hochul took the opportunity to address the pressing issue of bail reform in New York. She reiterated her stance on advocating for legislative changes that would roll back recent bail laws, emphasizing her dedication to enhancing public safety and justice in the state.

"My position on bail reform has been clear. I am actively working towards revising these laws to better protect our communities," Hochul declared, underscoring her leadership in navigating the complexities of policy and empathy during a period of mourning.