Snoop Dogg, De Niro, and Butler Discuss Numbers at Malibu Dinner with Cordell Broadus

Stars align for an intimate evening in Malibu.

by Nouman Rasool
Snoop Dogg, De Niro, and Butler Discuss Numbers at Malibu Dinner with Cordell Broadus
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

The celebrity-studded dinner party in Malibu turned into a sparkling confluence of talent and fame, possibly worthy of being written in boldface type in some society chronicle, as icons Robert De Niro, Snoop Dogg, and Austin Butler cozied up for the night.

An eclectic mix of generations met at a ritzy private residence perched above the picturesque Los Angeles coastline, cinematically blending the pairing with musical and personal narratives. "Three generations: an iconic 80-year-old legend Robert De Niro, an iconic 52-year-old rap legend Snoop Dogg, and a soon-to-be legend at 32, Austin Butler, who has landed his next part as a villain in Dune: Part Two." And, of course, the moment was fixed by none other but the son of Snoop Dogg himself, Champ Medici (in reality, Cordell Broadus), who posted on his Instagram account stories from the gathering with photos and videos, among which there were most likely frames of laughter and communication of the guests.

Malibu Dinner Banter

Under the headline "Champ DeNiro Elvis Snoop," Champ Medici gave a hint of the evening, noting discussions of "numbers" that were lively at dinner but not getting into details of who had said what and to whom.

But what was clearly there was the warmth and the ease between them, as Snoop Dogg joked with De Niro, a man who had often spoken of his mixed heritage. Further, Snoop Dogg asked in a humorous manner, "What about your Italian blood?" De Niro joked in return that he knew that part.

Meanwhile, still images of the night had Butler—the man commonly referred to as the modern-day 'Elvis'—comfortably seated between De Niro and Snoop Dogg, summing up the cross-generational appeal the night had.

The trio, from a small dog that nestled in De Niro's lap, became a symbol of peace and unity within the restless Hollywood globe. Behind all that glitz, Cordell Broadus becomes an interesting figure who must have juggled his path in football into the realms of entertainment and film.

He left behind a college football career at the University of California, Los Angeles, to tackle a future in filmmaking. Cordell West is directing a documentary that looks into the rich heritage of his family, featuring one of the foremost stories of history and identity of African-Americans.

As for Austin Butler, he'll definitely stay in the business, gaining more influence and popularity with his upcoming role in "Dune: Part Two" and another crime epic, "The Bikeriders," where he will headline as a member of a Midwestern motorcycle gang. The film, directed by Jeff Nichols, promises to be a gripping addition to Butler's burgeoning career.

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