Sydney Sweeney's Team Dismisses Johnny Depp Collaboration Speculation

Speculation swirls around Sydney Sweeney's latest casting rumors.

by Nouman Rasool
Sydney Sweeney's Team Dismisses Johnny Depp Collaboration Speculation
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In the whirl of rumors and Hollywood judder, Sydney Sweeney and her team damped the speculation that she is gearing up to share the silver screen with Johnny Depp in any of his upcoming film projects. The news comes in despite detailed reporting in recent weeks by industry insider Jeff Sneider, who reported that the actress was set to star in "Day Drinker," a feature to be directed by Marc Webb and shopped to potential buyers by the "500 Days of Summer" filmmaker.

Sneider's reports went on to suggest Dejson's participation, stating him as Sweeney's co-star and stirring a significant attention and buzz among film buffs. Sweeney's response, however, was to lightly jest at the swirling rumors by continuing to push fans to support her current cinematic venture, "@ImmaculateMovie," from fear that the attention meant towards her recasting conversation wasn't getting enough attention.

Speaking to DiscussingFilm, a spokesperson for Sweeney furthered the stance against the rumors and confirmed that there was zero truth in Sweeney's involvement in "Day Drinker" with Johnny Depp, setting the record straight in no uncertain terms.

Rumors and Denials

This has not stopped Sneider from standing by his original report. The pushback from Sweeney's representatives could be a power play from their side, trying to be the ones in control of making official announcements, or it could indicate a much, much deeper story behind the emphatic denials.

Sneider's subsequent comments threw up a hint that the chaos he has revealed in the first place to cover the real stories, not fabrications, tend to throw up such upheavals, so as to question the very nature of the denial that is being issued by Sweeney's camp.

If there is any water in Sneider's claims, Sweeney's collaboration with Depp would be a watershed for Hollywood, especially after the actor has had choppy waters in his career following some big legal battles and then public scrutiny.

But though they may have been successful in the States, Depp's film returns have been most appropriately termed "tentative," with only a French picture to his name since the trial. A project with a young, A-list Sweeney would pretty much make this a mammoth comeback for Depp into American cinema, signifying a man whose career could be resurging.

As the dust on all this speculation settles, so does the idea that Sweeney and Depp could be teaming up—relegated, at least for now, to past tense.

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