Matthew Underwood, 'Zoey 101' Star, Assaulted by Ex-Agent

Actor Shares Personal Story Amidst Nickelodeon Abuse Allegations.

by Nouman Rasool
Matthew Underwood, 'Zoey 101' Star, Assaulted by Ex-Agent
© Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

Matthew Underwood, best known as Logan Reese on the Nickelodeon hit series "Zoey 101," has boldly come forward about his own experience of being molested by his talent agent at the age of 19. He shared in an emotional statement on Instagram, along with a post about the release of the docuseries "Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV," where it showed him looking into the more sinister side of kids TV.

Underwood went on to disclose that his "trust agent" was the very "trust agent" that had been harassing and assaulting him all along. He even mentioned that this person is a great friend and mentor of his. "This breach of trust drove me to cut my ties with Los Angeles and leave behind an acting career," he said.

Illustrating how the emotional and professional cost from such experiences can weigh on people working in show business. While, in other words, the agency only fired the agent after Underwood's report. He still works in the industry, showing yet again that the problem of malpractice is too complicated to eradicate.

Underwood's Candid Response

The actor, from his side, had his turn to speak out after a backlash and baseless accusations that were not favorable toward him being said in connection with the "Quiet on Set" series. The series reignites long-simmering talk about alleged abuse within Nickelodeon, including "Zoey 101" creator Dan Schneider and other network personnel from that show.

Underwood is very clear that he is not in the business of defense for wrongdoing, but he tries to give reasons for the possibility of why some people could choose silence over public denunciations and tries to do that by referring to his very own and painful experience.

Further, Underwood reflects back on his time on the "Zoey 101" set, determining that one free from any ill experiences, and in fact, even expressing a belief in the possible personal growth and redemption for people like Schneider.

"My silence should by no means be interpreted as compunction for those who jeer and vilify me and my ilk," he decried the vilification at his and his fellow actors' cost, mostly aiming to keep their privacy.