Joey King and Logan Lerman: Destined Co-stars in "We Were the Lucky Ones"

Friendship flourishes between stars in their latest cinematic journey.

by Zain ul Abedin
Joey King and Logan Lerman: Destined Co-stars in "We Were the Lucky Ones"
© Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

In the heart of Hollywood's glittering panorama, Joey King and Logan Lerman share a bond that transcends the silver screen, morphing into a familial connection off the set. Co-starring as siblings in the critically acclaimed "We Were the Lucky Ones," King, at the prime of her career at 24, regards Lerman not just as a co-star but akin to kinship.

"Our relationship is truly akin to that of a brother and sister," King shared with PEOPLE, reflecting on a friendship that bloomed from their early teens.

Bond Beyond Bullet Train

The duo, who initially crossed paths in the high-octane thriller "Bullet Train," where their interaction was limited to a singular, albeit memorable, scene, have since nurtured a close bond, further solidified by their latest collaboration.

The 2022 Netflix film served as a catalyst, drawing them closer, with King lauding Lerman's exceptional talent and inherent goodness as a person, a rare combination that enhances the collaborative spirit on set. Their recent project, a gripping narrative set against the backdrop of World War II, explores the harrowing journey of a Jewish family's quest for survival.

The synergy between King and Lerman was palpable, embodying characters described by their showrunner as "twin souls," a testament to their profound off-screen connection. "It feels as though we've known each other across many lifetimes," King remarked, emphasizing the depth of their friendship.

This bond extends beyond the confines of the set, with King and her husband, Steven Piet, forming a close-knit circle with Lerman and his fiancée, Ana Corrigan. This camaraderie, King notes, is predicated on a sense of destined connection, a sentiment echoed by Lerman.

The journey through the demanding filming of "We Were the Lucky Ones" was mitigated by their mutual support, safeguarding each other's well-being amidst the emotional and physical rigors of their roles. The ensemble cast, including King and Lerman, faced the emotional gravity of their story head-on, drawing strength and solace from one another through the seven-month filming odyssey.

King, who identifies with the Jewish heritage central to the storyline, found a deeper connection to her roots through the project. The narrative, rooted in the real-life ordeal of author Georgia Hunter's family, not only highlights a struggle for survival but also celebrates the resilience and spirit of the Jewish people.

"We Were the Lucky Ones" stands as a testament to the power of storytelling, encapsulating the horrific trials and the indomitable spirit of a family during one of history's darkest chapters. For King and Lerman, their off-screen bond and shared heritage have imbued their portrayal with authenticity and depth, offering audiences a poignant glimpse into the strength derived from unity and the enduring nature of friendship amidst adversity.