Kathie Lee Gifford's Parenting Priority: Avoiding Hollywood Spoiled Brats

Exploring the Giffords' Unique Approach to Family Values

by Zain ul Abedin
Kathie Lee Gifford's Parenting Priority: Avoiding Hollywood Spoiled Brats
© Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

In an intimate conversation with the New York Post, Kathie Lee Gifford, the renowned television host, delved into the parenting philosophy she shared with her late husband, NFL icon Frank Gifford, emphasizing their concerted effort to nurture their children away from the entitlement often seen in Hollywood.

The couple, parents to Cody, 34, and Cassidy, 30, remained steadfast in their commitment to instill humility and politeness in their offspring, despite the trappings of fame. At 70, Gifford reflects on her and Frank's approach with a mix of pride and candidness.

"Frank and I meticulously focused on guiding our children with a firm hand, steering clear of the Hollywood stereotype of raising spoiled brats," she remarked during the joint interview with her daughter Cassidy. Their strategy was rooted in setting an exemplary standard of gratitude and respect, values that transcended their residence in Greenwich, Connecticut, a place where, according to Gifford, geographical location does little to impede the spread of privilege and entitlement.

Forging Kind Legacies

The laughter shared between Gifford and Cassidy during the interview sheds light on their close bond and mutual respect, illustrating the effectiveness of their family's parenting approach. Gifford reminisces about Cassidy's early insistence on politeness, a trait so deeply ingrained that it became second nature to her.

This insistence on civility, according to Gifford, is a testament to the kind-hearted individuals both Cody and Cassidy have become, both of whom have carved their own paths in the entertainment sector, echoing their mother's footsteps yet forging their own legacies.

Cody has established himself as a film and TV producer and screenwriter, making significant strides in the industry with the founding of Gifford Media Group. Cassidy, on her part, has made her mark as an actress in films such as "Time Trap" and "The Gallows," and is currently starring in the faith-based series "The Baxters" alongside her mother.

The series, which premiered on Prime Video, offers a poignant exploration of family dynamics and spirituality, themes that resonate deeply with both Kathie Lee and Cassidy. In discussing their involvement in "The Baxters," the Giffords opened up about their personal convictions and the centrality of faith and family in their lives.

Kathie Lee's disdain for the confines of religion contrasts with her embrace of a living, breathing relationship with God, a sentiment that Cassidy echoed, highlighting the strength and resilience derived from a solid familial foundation.

As Kathie Lee looks on at her children's burgeoning careers, her philosophy remains one of support rather than interference, a reflection of her desire for them to lead their own lives while knowing she's always there when needed.

This blend of independence and unwavering support underscores the Gifford family's narrative, one that transcends their public personas to reveal a deeply rooted commitment to integrity, kindness, and the enduring power of family.