Laura Dern Applauds Taylor Swift's Directing: 'Authentically Talented'

Dern shares insights from working with Swift on set.

by Nouman Rasool
Laura Dern Applauds Taylor Swift's Directing: 'Authentically Talented'
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In an engaging discussion on TheWrap's UnWrapped podcast, acclaimed actress Laura Dern shared her admiration for Taylor Swift's directorial prowess, hinting at the global music sensation's potential for a groundbreaking career in film.

The conversation, sparked by Dern's experience working with Swift on the "Bejeweled" music video, underscored the multifaceted artist's seamless transition from chart-topping musician to a director with a distinctive vision.

Dern, who has an illustrious career spanning decades in Hollywood, expressed unequivocal praise for Swift's directorial debut. "Taylor Swift is unequivocally the real deal," stated Dern, 57, about the 34-year-old Swift. "Her adeptness as a filmmaker, which I've witnessed firsthand, complements her already impressive portfolio.

It's exhilarating to think about where her cinematic journey might lead," she added, reflecting on the collaborative venture that brought a modern twist to the Cinderella narrative, with Dern portraying the iconic evil stepmother and the band Haim as the stepsisters.

Dern's Swift Collaboration

The "Jurassic World: Dominion" star didn't hold back her eagerness for future collaborations, affirming, "I'm there wherever Taylor's creative vision takes her. My admiration for her knows no bounds." This sentiment was echoed in a January 2023 interview on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," where Dern recounted the "Bejeweled" shoot as an "incredible" experience, lauding Swift's filmmaking acumen and the joyous atmosphere on set.

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Swift's foray into directing extends beyond music videos, with December 2022 marking the announcement of her debut as a feature-length film director in a project with Searchlight Pictures.

While details remain sparse, anticipation is high among fans and industry insiders alike. In conversations with PEOPLE, Dern highlighted Swift's profound commitment to her craft and causes, stating, "Taylor cares deeply about everything she undertakes." This, according to Dern, is a trait well-known to Swift's fans through her lyrical storytelling and public advocacy, but equally evident in her personal interactions and friendships.

As Taylor Swift navigates the realms of music and film with her trademark passion and ingenuity, industry veterans like Laura Dern stand witness to her evolution from a beloved musical icon to a filmmaker with a promising future.

The anticipation surrounding Swift's cinematic endeavors only adds to her already formidable legacy, promising a thrilling new chapter in an already storied career.

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