Ernie Hudson on Fitness Secrets, Welcomes Fan Admiration

Ernie Hudson Embraces Fitness, Sparks Online Admiration Wave

by Zain ul Abedin
Ernie Hudson on Fitness Secrets, Welcomes Fan Admiration
© Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Sony Pictures

Ernie Hudson, renowned for his enduring role in the "Ghostbusters" series, recently made waves online, not for his acting chops but for his unexpected fashion statement at the London photo call of "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" on March 21.

The 78-year-old actor, finding himself in a minor wardrobe dilemma with a smudge on his suit jacket, chose to forgo the jacket, stepping onto the red carpet in a simple ensemble of jeans and a tight black T-shirt. This casual look quickly captured the digital audience's attention, sparking a flurry of admiring comments across social media platforms.

Online admirers didn’t hold back, with reactions ranging from playful admiration to outright astonishment at Hudson’s age-defying appearance. Comments like “Sweet baby Jesus I’m lusting after someone’s Grandpappy” and commendations on his timeless attractiveness flooded X (formerly Twitter), highlighting Hudson’s sudden status as an unexpected heartthrob.

In response to this newfound viral fame, Hudson expressed a mix of amusement and gratitude, noting to PEOPLE how being in the spotlight for his physique was a novel experience. Despite maintaining a consistent fitness level throughout his life, Hudson remarked that his physicality hadn't been the focal point of his career, which spanned roles that often saw him in authoritative or formal attire.

Hudson's Health Focus

Diving into his personal health regimen, Hudson shared insights into his recent commitment to regular exercise, including gym sessions three times a week and Pilates, guided by professionals. This shift in routine was spurred by the natural changes in his body as he entered his seventies, prompting a more structured approach to fitness.

Hudson’s daily routine, shared with his wife Linda Kingsberg, involves aiming for at least 10,000 steps and adhering to a mindful diet within a specific eating window, supplemented by consistent hydration and skincare practices.

This holistic approach to well-being, balancing physical activity with dietary mindfulness and mental health, underscores Hudson’s perspective on health as an integration of spiritual and physical disciplines. As Hudson navigates the spotlight with his health-conscious lifestyle gaining public admiration, he humorously notes the increased vigilance of his wife of nearly 40 years, Linda, who now accompanies him more frequently on travels.

This newfound attention, while unexpected, brings a lighthearted dynamic to Hudson’s storied career and personal life. With "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" hitting theaters, Hudson’s resurgence as a cultural and fitness icon at 78 not only celebrates his legacy in film but also inspires a conversation about health, aging, and vitality in the public eye.