Marvin Gaye's Lost Tracks Unearthed in Belgium

Iconic Singer's Hidden Tapes Reveal a New Musical Chapter.

by Nouman Rasool
Marvin Gaye's Lost Tracks Unearthed in Belgium
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Billed to be an exciting find in the music business and heralded by fans around the world, unreleased recordings by Marvin Gaye have apparently been found in Belgium. The recordings are sure to lend new perspective to the legacy of an artist whose soulful voice blazed a path for many of the musicians of today.

This is believed to be the first collection hidden for over 40 years to contain tapes that have audio featuring new material from the legendary singer—thus coming speculation on how they will affect the music world.

Marvin Gaye is a name which defines the golden era of Motown. He wrote an imprint in the music landscape with hits that still call out to millions around the world. His tracks, suchjson as "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," a duet with Tammi Terrell, count billion streams.

Gaye's untimely death, in 1984, was a victim to a tragic domestic dispute; it only served in death to solidify his status as an icon, and his music lives on to inspire generations.

Marvin Gaye's Belgian Resurgence

The story behind the discovery of these recordings is as intriguing as the music itself.

The ties Gaye had with Belgium went back to an important stage in his life when, due to pure chance, a promoter from Belgium introduced him to the coast of Ostend. And so it really is a new start for him when he goes to Belgium, a kind of trying to seek some kind of reprieve from living that kind of tumultuous lifestyle in London and battling certain personal demons.

And it was here, amid the flat calm of the North Sea, that he took solace and recorded "Se---- Healing," a song that would become one of his biggest hits. It comprises stage costumes, valuable memorabilia, notebooks, and dozens of audio tapes which were all part of the priceless memorabilia collection possessed by the family from a Belgian musician, Charles Dumolin, among many others, from his association with Gaye during his time.

And amongst them, a set of 66 demos has been cataloged scrupulously by the Belgian lawyer Alex Trappeniers to give a wider sense of the creative expanse of the great master during the period. It includes compositions that rival in quality some of the best-loved hits, such as "Se---- Healing," and, early predictions suggest that the world will soon be hearing new Marvin Gaye music rivalling some of his best-known work.

As much as it is an exciting find for the music industry, and in this case, surely something many Gaye fans will be waiting to listen to, at the same time, there are possibilities of lawsuits that can arise from the recordings.

This, according to the Dumolin family's legal representation, the substance donated to them by Gaye was solely theirs. Original Article Source: Marvin Gaye: Never-before heard music resurfaces in Belgium