Stephen A. Smith's Health Turnaround: Hard Work Over Drugs After Scare

ESPN's Stephen A. Smith unveils his health transformation journey.

by Nouman Rasool
Stephen A. Smith's Health Turnaround: Hard Work Over Drugs After Scare
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Displaying motivation in the manifestation of dedication and commitment to self-improvement, the host par excellence of ESPN, Stephen A. Smith, took to Twitter to show off his incredible body transformation lately and reminds all of "hard work and perseverance" rather than quick fixes.

Smith's journey toward better health isn't just ajsonification of his own determination; it really gives light to many. In a series of before-and-after shots, Smith was brutally honest about the transformation he has undergone over the past year, which he referred to as "saving my life." Firmly saying, "No Ozempic, no steroids—just hard work," that says it all regarding how his change was real from within and by just roots with commitment and hard work.

Stephen's Arduous Journey

Indeed, perhaps more perspective into how he changed, Smith even went on to caption his voice message via his Twitter account, @stephenasmith, where he took his followers further into the personal issues he had to battle.

"Gentlemen, that was your boy, Stephen A," he begins, sharing a harrowing account of his health scare. With a body fat almost touching 30%, cholesterol levels soared way above 300, and with lifestyle diseases, almost touching diabetes and teetering, compounded by a severe bout of COVID-19 that almost took away his life.

Smith's journey can't be called anything but arduous. Yet, here he stands, a year later, healthier and more driven than ever. This comes after Smith pointed out the quite shamefaced physical state of NBA star Zion Williamson in December.

After watching Williamson's outing for the New Orleans Pelicans in a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, Smith didn't mince his words on the show during the NBA's in-season tournament. He shook his head at Williamson's fitness shortage and compared it to a child who wouldn't eat a meal but would eat an entire buffet instead.

Publications like Sports Illustrated and New Orleans Times-Picayune said that the criticism was reflecting Smith's seriousness toward professional athleticism and fitness. Smith has shared publicly his health journey, all the way to the other side.

He has won more than a personal victory: he has issued a public statement on the value of hard work and discipline, and the strength of the human spirit in overcoming adversity. In a world that too often is quick to look for shortcuts, Smith's message is refreshingly clear.