Lizzo Confronts False Allegations: 'This Wasn't Part of My Plan'

Lizzo confronts online negativity and legal challenges head-on.

by Nouman Rasool
Lizzo Confronts False Allegations: 'This Wasn't Part of My Plan'
© Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Lizzo, the celebrated musician and four-time Grammy winner, last Friday penned a long emotional post on Instagram for her followers, baring it all and detailing the "toll" she says unwarranted criticism and false allegations are inflicting on her well-being.

The "Truth Hurjson Hurts" singer has only compared her feeling increasingly exhausted by all the negative scrutiny towards her both in person and on their respective platforms. "I am getting very weary of this constant negative energy exchange between my personal circles and strangers on the internet.

All I have ever wanted is to continue to inspire and make a difference with my musical talent, not get caught up in the inevitable downfalls. "But the continued spreading of lies for clout and mocking of me incessantly because of my looks really do make me question if I belong in this world.

It's actually quite sad to see a lot of character judgment from people who don't know me."

Lizzo's Emotional Exit

Ending her post with the poignant "I QUIT?????", Lizzo's words resonated not only in the entertainment space but also drew up a round of encouragement from other celebrities.

The top celebrities like Loni Love, Paris Hilton, and rapper Latto were some of the highest celebrities offering words of encouragement and motivation to this strength Lizzo.

This disclosure comes amidst a challenging period for Lizzo, marked by two separate lawsuits.

The month of August—this legal controversy month—the dancer accuses the singer of pressure and weight shaming, and other bizarre claims such as se----, racial, and religious harassment. Lizzo took to Instagram to respond, in which she denied the allegations very strongly and pointed to her grasp and personal opposition to body shaming.

In other lawsuits, Lizzo was accused of contributing to the creation of a hostile work environment characterized by se---- and racial harassment. An artist loudly promoting body positivity and inclusivity, she seemed quite touched when receiving a humanitarians' prize at a Beverly Hills gala and vaguely referring to the legal tussles in a speech made by her.