Jennifer Garner Embraces Aging as a 'Gift,' Expresses Gratitude Over Fear

Exploring the depths of Jennifer Garner's wellness journey.

by Zain ul Abedin
Jennifer Garner Embraces Aging as a 'Gift,' Expresses Gratitude Over Fear
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Jennifer Garner, one of the most sought-after and accomplished actresses, the ultimate loyal brand ambassador to Neutrojena's, shares deep thoughts about aging and self-care in a very candid heart-to-heart with PEOPLE. Maneuvering gracefully through life, Garner reveals, with appreciation, how time is precious—not to grow old with fear but with the wisdom that time holds.

At 51, Garner knows a life well woven with its highs and lows, yet it's mostly her absolute gratitude for life and the lessons that come with it that jump out. "Honestly, mostly, I am grateful just to be alive," she tells PEOPLE.

The acknowledgment she gives these women lies in how graciously they embrace their age with honor and dignity. Garner tries to copy their strength and urges younger women to take care of themselves in a way that they do not disregard being pretty while growing older.

Garner's Self-Care Philosophy

Garner has a holistic attitude to self-care: one has to attend not only to the body but also to the mind. Touting daily exercise as something without which life does not make sense, she reflects on it as the imperative factor for securing her mental well-being.

A diet rich in essential nutrients complements the program, and so does a strong commitment to maintaining close family relations and relationships. Yet, sunny optimism aside, Garner turns out to be a proponent of "down days"—those where self-compassion and realistic expectations rule.

Devoted mother to Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel from ex-husband Ben Affleck, Garner shows that self-care is also taking care of other people. Some of her birthday celebrations, for example, transcend to put more focus on the community and giving back.

Garner's reminiscence of meaningful past birthdays was dealing with acts of service—from tree-planting in Los Angeles with her children to preparing backpacks full of food for school children. These traditions not only enrich her own life but also aim to contribute positively to the broader community.

Moving forward, Garner said she learns from her mistakes and has planned for her next birthday to be an initiative that goes far beyond her circle to reach out and touch the lives of others. As recounted to PEOPLE, it's a story of gratitude, tales of resilience, and open arms with a giving heart, embracing all the seasons life brings her way.

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