Josh O'Connor Expresses Sorrow Over Kate Middleton Conspiracies & Cancer Diagnosis

Josh O'Connor discusses royal pressures amidst his latest film.

by Nouman Rasool
Josh O'Connor Expresses Sorrow Over Kate Middleton Conspiracies & Cancer Diagnosis
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Josh O'Connor, the actor playing the young Prince Charles in the popular Netflix hit series "The Crown," has appeared with the harrowing health update on Kate Middleton, the Princess of Wales. O'Connor was speaking at the Sydney premiere of his latest movie, "Challengers," when he said he first learned of Middleton's preventive chemotherapy in an interview.

By going public last Friday with her diagnosis, 42-year-old Middleton has set off an outbreak of concern and sympathy. O'Connor, however, expressed a authentic sadness for the royal family, pointing out the difficulties that come with having to live in the public eye, especially given the nature of the media and public attention.

O'Connor's Royal Sympathy

"I was pretty much out in the loop on all the Kate drama that went down online," O'Connor laughs to 9Honey Celebrity. Meaning: He did not even know what was happening because he probably could not find time between his jobs to get updated on the news.

He then added, thinking of the pressures of royal life and the sometime harsh judgment by the public, "And once I've heard about it, well, you know, just always feel so sorry for them. In a city where O'Connor himself, as a republican, didn't even care for royal affairs, his empathy for the position that Middleton was in nonetheless shone through.

"I know it's part of the job, but they're born into it. And the way everybody was talking about Kate, it made me feel really sad," he said. O'Connor is hopeful that there will be a wave of support and positive well-wishers from members of the public at this time.

He played in "The Crown" and it brought him huge recognition and a number of prestigious awards, including the Emmy, Golden Globe, and two BAFTA nominations. But O'Connor is always away with the fairies when he talks about the surreal experience of fame and what it has done to his personal life.

Reflecting on where his career has taken him post-"The Crown," he shares insight into the weird dynamics that come from spending more time discussing his work than he ever does getting to practice the creative process. "The Crown" is now up to the point where Dominic West needed to portray an older Prince Charles, and Elizabeth Debicki plays Princess Diana in the series.

O'Connor reflects without inhibition on his complex relationship with his own fame, on the one hand, and how he played to Prince Charles on the other through his candid recounting of events that would best reflect genuine concern for the well-being of folks pushed into the public eye, royal or not.

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