Jerry Seinfeld Turns Pop-Tart Joke into Film

Seinfeld's Cinematic Dive into Breakfast Nostalgia Unleashed.

by Nouman Rasool
Jerry Seinfeld Turns Pop-Tart Joke into Film
© Mat Hayward/Getty Images

Given that life often imitates art in entertaining and unexpected ways, it can truly be said that only Jerry Seinfeld—a comic genius—could take on the subject of his fascination: Pop-Tarts. Celebrated for finding humor in even the most pedestrian things, Seinfeld has put to good use a quirky New York Times video from 2012—where he dissected the anatomy of his "Pop Tart Joke"—all the way to the director's chair of "Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story," a new Netflix documentary about the beloved toaster pastry.

Set amidst the heady, revolutionary atmosphere of the sixties, "Unfrosted" is a tale filled with ambition, betrayal, and the sweet seduction of the sugary coat that swaddles a breakfast revolution. The movie, which Sejsonfeld both directs and stars in, is a comic yet poignant genesis of one of America's great breakfast treats.

The newly released trailer only teased that it will be helmed by Melissa McCarthy and star Hugh Grant, Amy Schumer, and the comedian Bill Burr as John F. Kennedy.

Breakfast Wars Ignite

The footage would seem to suggest both working on some sort of joint venture to develop an alternative cereal of some kind that would go on to lead children all over the United States to have the happiest morning ever.

Peppered with comic asides that find Grant turning into Tony the Tiger and an ever relentless Schumer pestering her opponents like she's burst out of "Willy Wonka," the movie is a bitterly fought war between cereal giants Kellogg's and Post in redefining what the populace should chomp for breakfast.

Seinfeld's personal and professional history with breakfast cereal, notably called out during his sitcom days and again in his 2020 Netflix special "23 Hours to Kill," makes him the quintessential narrator to spin this tale.

It is his never-ceasing obsession with the Pop-Tart—laced with his comic flair—that he brings to the audiences on film, pondering the cultural significance of this breakfast avatar. As Seinfeld quipped once, Pop-Tarts seem to be breaking some kind of time/space continuum between fresh and stale, so there must be something there.

Coming to Netflix on May 3, "Unfrosted" is a journey not just into the past but a tribute to invention, humor, and the sweet, pure essence of the Pop-Tart.