Chris Christie Decides on Third-Party 'No Labels' Run Against Trump, Biden

No Labels faces hurdles in centrist candidate search.

by Nouman Rasool
Chris Christie Decides on Third-Party 'No Labels' Run Against Trump, Biden
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In what sounds like a carefully calculated move, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has finally made official his intentions not to run for president in the 2024 general elections under the No Labels party banner. The decision aligns him with leading centrist figures who have similarly declined to join active attempts by the party to draw up a "unity ticket.

The ticket proposal would be a bridge to both wings of the political divide, pairing the centrist Republican with a moderate Democrat for the presidency and vice presidency, respectively. " Christie's announcement comes after careful deliberation and analysis by his team, which has concluded that "a viable path to victory as a third-party candidate does not exist for him.

Christie said in a statement: "While the conversation around a united political approach is important for our nation, the fact that there is no clear road to victory, and the incentive for me to inadvertently pitch in in some way to aid in the re-election of Donald Trump makes this an untenable option for me."

Lieberman's Legacy Challenged

This comes close on the heels of the death of Joe Lieberman, the Founding Chairman of No Labels, a former Democratic senator from Connecticut who had played a key role in the search for a strong alternative to Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the race to the White House in 2024.

Notable politicians who have turned down No Labels due to growing disillusion among Americans—who take it for granted that there will be a reprise of the 2020 election scenario—include Sen. Joe Manchin, Rep. Liz Cheney, Gov.

Larry Hogan, Gov. Deval Patrick, and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema. This has continued to hamper the group in meeting its mission of fielding centrist alternatives. In his reflection, Christie emphasizes that a national ethos should be built wherein unity and cooperation are dominant, instead of division.

He shared insights into his decision-making process, involving exhaustive polling across 13 states and meticulous budget planning aimed at assessing the feasibility of a successful third-party campaign. However, regardless of his conclusion and even his personal views on the current political scenario, Christie believes wavering is not an option and taking it as a reason to engage in attempts to avoid the re-election of Donald Trump and thus put the country above personal ambition. No Labels had set an early April deadline to decide whether they would go forward in nominating a presidential ticket.

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