Kelsey Anderson's Spoiler Regret Revealed

The Bachelor stars open up about an unexpected revelation.

by Nouman Rasool
Kelsey Anderson's Spoiler Regret Revealed
© Kelsey Anderson/Instagram

Kelsey Anderson and Joey Graziadei, the much-loved couple from "The Bachelor," can finally talk openly about their engagement after the season's finale was broadcast. Their recent podcast interview on "Chicks in the Office," recorded post-finale, delved into an unintended spoiler that nearly gave away their show's climax, leading Anderson to express deep regret over the incident.

The revelation came during their March 26 appearance on the podcast, where Anderson confessed to a social media mishap that left her feeling deeply troubled. "That night, I was so distressed, feeling like I had let so many people down," she shared, recounting the sleepless night following the inadvertent leak.

The narrative around their season of "The Bachelor" had been misleading for a significant period, with rumors and reports suggesting that Daisy Kent was the ultimate recipient of Graziadei's final rose. Notably, Reality Steve, a well-known blogger and podcaster, had erroneously identified Kent as the winner in November, a misconception that wasn't corrected until February.

It took an astute observation by a fan on a "The Bachelor" subreddit, who noticed subtle clues, to correct the widespread speculation.

Accidental Spoiler Unveiled

Initially, Anderson found the misdirection somewhat amusing.

"At first, I thought it was great – nobody knew the truth, and it felt exciting," she remarked. However, as time passed and the narrative around Kent persisted, the amusement waned. Despite her growing frustration, Anderson maintained a positive outlook, emphasizing her happiness with the eventual public reception of the season's conclusion.

The couple's slip occurred during one of their "Safe House" visits, a discreet arrangement by the show's producers allowing the final couple to spend time together without public interference. Despite their careful selection of a background for a TikTok video meant to keep their relationship under wraps, a mere glimpse of a cabinet and a portion of a fence in Anderson's video was enough for eagle-eyed fans to piece together the truth.

Reflecting on the episode, Graziadei highlighted the impressive deductive skills of the show's fanbase, joking that Anderson had remarked they "should work for the FBI." Despite the inadvertent spoiler, both Anderson and Graziadei emphasized their intention was never to spoil the enjoyment for fans.

They acknowledged the importance of viewer investment and expressed a desire to preserve the journey's mystery and excitement for everyone involved.